Brittney and Douglas

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How We Met

Brittney and I met in 2010. While I was hanging out with friend, she came to a bar where me and a group of JUST male friends were thinking it was a co-ed gathering. It was rather awkward, to say the least. At the end of the night, I asked her for her phone number and she said no. As time passed, she and I became friends, and even stayed in contact when she went to DC for her masters. When she was visiting, I asked had she friend zoned me and she said no. I told her don’t. I started contacting her more but she tried to put a pause on things in an attempt to not ruin our friendship. SO I stopped contacting her all together. Then SHE started pursuing me. She sent me a dozen cupcakes for my birthday. We started talking, Skyping and texting every day. She visited Atlanta and we had our first official date, first kiss and made Luke James’s “Love XYZ” our song. She visited again the week of St. Patrick’s Day and I asked her to be my girlfriend. She moved back to Atlanta, got a job with IBM. Shortly after, I got a job with IBM. We work a few rows over from one another.

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how they asked

I produced a video all by myself that told our story. On our two year anniversary, I told her I wanted her to see a visual essay I created for a YouTube channel. I hit play and she watched it.

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At the end of the video I said “I wanted to end this story with ‘they lived happily ever after’ but there was one last step necessary before I could say that.” Told her to turn around and I was on my knee with the ring and proposed.

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Our Video