Brittney and David

How We Met

David and I met almost 4 years ago. My friend and I were going to one our friends house, and we invited a guy from work, who brought David along. We had never met before but instantly clicked. Everyone ended up falling asleep but David and I stayed up until about 6 am talking about anything and everything. What we wanted to do in our lives, past relationships (we both coincidentally just ended bad relationships prior to that night), just getting to know each other. He even showed me magic tricks! He jokes now saying that’s how he won me over. (But I think he won me over the second we met!) after that night we were inseparable, and the rest was history!

how they asked

David and I have a close friend who happens to be an amazing photographer, so we usually take family pictures with our kids like.. every season (poor guy!).

So one day our photographer messaged me asking if we would do sample Valentine’s Day pictures so she could advertise her specials she had going on.. and of course I jumped on board because who doesn’t love family pictures?

So we go up and start taking pictures, and she starts off with my daughter and I. David and our son take off, and I just assumed it was because our 2 year old didn’t want to sit still longer than 2 minutes. In the middle of taking pictures I happen to turn around and both of our families were standing behind me and my daughter, and David was on one knee.

He had set the entire thing up! From having our photographer message me about taking pictures, to making sure both of our families were there just like I wanted, and making sure our photographer got it on camera! He even tried to make sure I had a fresh manicure, but I was being stubborn and wouldn’t go get one.

David made sure that it was exactly how I wanted it to be, and I was so surprised. I ugly cried for like a week! Ha ha

Special Thanks

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