Brittney and Corey

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How We Met

Corey and I met sophomore year of high school through a mutual friend. I was your typical awkward 16-year-old and was even more awkward when it came to dating. It was always obvious to our friends that Corey and I were attracted to each other but like I said, I was super awkward. Fast forward to senior year and I finally got the nerve to give it a shot with him. And here we are almost 6 years later.

how they asked

The way Corey asked was perfect for us. One of our favorite things to do together is going to Disney world. So it’s only fitting he asked me there. We got up like any other trip to Disney. We got dressed, got some breakfast and headed to the park. A friend of ours, Dro met us and went with us. As we walked into magic kingdom, Dro asked to take our picture before we walked through the tunnel. We took the picture and continued walking.

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Weirdly, after we walked through, Corey pulled me to the middle of Main Street and told me to look up. I looked up to see his entire family holding a huge banner that said: “Brittney will you marry me?!” I looked back down to see Corey on one knee holding the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! I immediately burst into tears and cried “Yes!”

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