Brittney and Cody

How We Met: We had known each other for a long time because our families went to the same church, but we had never really talked much until later in life. I had left the church and been gone for a few years until I decided to come back about 2 years ago. When I came back I was asked to lead worship one Sunday, because the worship leaders were going to be out. I knew Brittney was a good singer, and rather cute, so I messaged her on Facebook for her number to invite her to sing with me.

She said yes and the service went really good. About a week later we started sending messages back and forth on snap chat. We actually ended up sending videos to each other until almost three in the morning. This happened for a while, because we had a ton in common and it was easy to talk to one another about anything. After about a month we finally had our first date and the rest is history. I knew from the very beginning that this girl was special, and I’m so grateful that she saw something in me too.

how they asked: I proposed on our annual 4th of July trip to Florida. We spent the week in Panama City Beach, and took a day trip to Orlando to visit universal studios. The first night of our trip we went to take pictures with the family at the beach by the peer. Some of my other family was hiding up on the peer waiting for the special moment.

When Brittney and I were getting our pictures taken I handed her a note that she had put in my wallet months before. The note said “I can’t wait to spend forever with you,” and had the date on it. I told her to turn it over where I had written “forever starts now,” and dated it July 1st, 2015.

Image 1 of Brittney and Cody

That’s when I got on a knee told her I would love her for the rest of my life and asked her to spend forever with me. She said yes, and I became the luckiest man ever.