Brittney and Cody

how we met

Cody and I met on October 15th, 2005 taking pictures before our Sophomore Homecoming dance. Although, I was definitely more focused on my date, Cody’s best friend, that evening; by the end of Sophomore year, Cody and I had become very good friends. We stayed good friends, sometimes even best friends, through high school and college as we both found ourselves in many different places.

how they asked

Right after the craziness of the 2018 holidays, we were curled up watching a movie (couldn’t tell you what one). When he turned off the TV and turned to me and said he’d been thinking about it and we should get married. He then added, I’ve been picturing New Years Eve. I said okay and we started looking into venues that very night. It was nothing over the top or crazy, it was a conversation, a decision we made together, it was just right.


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