Brittney and Christopher

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Brittney’s Grandmother’s house

How We Met

Both Christopher and I were attending The Pennsylvania State University at the time we met; I was in my first year of graduate school and Christopher was in his junior year of his undergraduate degree. It was March 16, 2013, we were both at Pickles [a local bar in State College, PA]. Christopher, with his faux hawk and bright orange long sleeve shirt, was sitting by the bathroom and I at the bar. I must have used the bathroom at least three times in an attempt to get Christopher’s attention. The bartender became aware that I had an interest in Christopher and decided to take things into his own hands. He walked over to Christopher and informed him a girl at the bar wanted to buy him a Blue Moon [Christopher and I’s favorite beer]. Christopher reluctantly made his way to the bar, but agreed to the beer. We spent the next few hours talking about anything and everything until the bar closed at 2AM. We were inseparable ever since.

Brittney and Christopher's Engagement in Brittney’s Grandmother’s house

how they asked

It was February 2, 2018, Christopher, our two Golden Retrievers, Sadie and Mya, and I were on our way to New Jersey to celebrate my dad’s birthday. The whole weekend Christopher repeatedly dropped hints in reference to an engagement, but nothing ever came of them until Sunday, Superbowl Sunday. I always make it a point to visit my beloved Nona [Grandmother] whenever I am home, so this weekend was no different. We went over to Nona’s house to have lunch and birthday cake for my dad but little did I know my life was about to change forever. Christopher’s parents made the trip from Milford, PA all the way to Somerset, NJ for “birthday cake” [1 hr 52 mins]. When I learned of this I knew something was off. When it was time to exchange gifts my grandmother handed me a perfectly wrapped gift.

As I opened the gift I soon realized it was our “Book of Us” which detailed special events throughout our relationship. There was a post-it note sticking out from the book telling me what page to turn to. I proceeded to read a very special message Christopher had written, which included the advice he had collected from those near and dear to him on marrying me. Through the tears, I made it through the reading. Christopher got down on one knee, in front of all those who I ever dreamed of being present, and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!

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