Brittney and Brian


Brian and I met in January of 2006. He was a senior and the quarterback for his highschool team and I was a junior attending a catholic school a few towns away. We met through mutual friends who had been dating and we fell in love instantly (yes, even at 16 I knew he was the one). We started dating only 4 days after we met and I was head over heels for him since day 1. We have had many ups and downs over the years but we have always remained in each others lives and by each others sides through it all.

how they asked: September of 2014, Brian and I left New York on a red eye flight to go to Paris and Spain for my 25th birthday. It was something that I was looking forward to for months, (being that Paris is my second favorite place next to my hometown of NYC.)

Brian was nervous, it was his first time out of the country but, I must admit he hid the suprise exceptionally well. We arrived at the hotel, immediately changed and went staright to the Eiffel tower (something was clearly buring a hole in his pocket). We arrived there and Brian asked a girl if she would so kindly take a few good pictures of us.

Brian got down on one knee and instantly made me the happiest person in the universe that day. I said “of course”! It was beyond spectacular and defiantly surreal. I not only received the most amazing marriage proposal but I will be marrying the most amazing person I know and I couldn’t be happier!