Brittney and Brian

How We Met

We knew each other from high school but our story began a few years later. Brian had just moved back from college and we were both out at a local bar with mutual friends. We recognized each other from high school and were talking for hours outside on the patio. We took awhile in figuring out how to transition the friendship into a relationship but once we got there it was so great. We’ve gone on so many adventures together since then. We managed to have a long distance relationship while he was away traveling for work, we’ve moved across the country to Nashville together and back, we’ve adopted the two cutest puppies together, and have been lucky enough to have been able to travel and see so many amazing places together. I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else!

Where to Propose in Lake Garda, Italy

Brittney and Brian's Engagement in Lake Garda, Italy

How They Asked

It all started when Brian brought me along for his work trip to Bergamo, Italy. He knows that Italy is my favorite place in the world and I gladly packed my bags for the quick 4-day trip. After a 15 hour travel day, we arrived at Gardone Riveria! Jet-lagged and exhausted we met friends for dinner overlooking the lake and did a short walk around the town. The next day we spend laying out on the water, swimming and relaxing and eating really amazing Italian food. The third morning of our stay we were planning on taking a ferry over to a neighboring town on the lake and then head out to Bergamo for the work part of the trip.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lake Garda, Italy

After waking up and enjoying the Italian buffet style breakfast we rushed to our room to pack up in time to make our ferry boat time. We were in a hurry to catch the boat and I still needed to pack my entire suitcase. While I was frantically packing he was clearing our balcony and setting his phone up on a self-timer so that we could get a picture of the two of us out on the beautiful balcony before we left. He’s rushing me to finish packing and now we have 2 minutes until we need to be downstairs on the other side of the hotel to catch the ferry.

I run over to get in the photo and didn’t think about him proposing at all because we were in such a rush. After he snapped the first picture he said okay one more and we’ll go. Right as he clicked the timer for the next shot he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After sharing our moment for one minute we rushed downstairs and caught the ferry spending our first day as fiancés walking the Italian streets eating gelato and enjoying champagne with friends! It truly was the most perfect day.