Brittney and Brett

How We Met

Brett and I both worked at Friendship Ark Homes, a faith based community for individuals with special needs. My first day on the job Brett says I caught his eye :). For months we would joke around at work, he would teach me how to do my job and we became friends. After we had worked together for about a year Brett and I started texting, he would ask for my advice on clothes…. (He needed it). Finally one of my co-workers mentioned Brett flirting. This was the first time I had thought anything about him flirting… no way… not to me. After a few more weeks of texting and two years working together he finally joked about going out for mug night together at Iowa State University. Eventually I worked up the nerves to agree to get a mug. The day of our… “Date” I was nerves, and couldn’t believe I actually cared about going to a get a drink with this guy I swore was just a friend. As the night went on we shared jokes, bad dance moves and…(a little detail before we get there) We went to a country bar, I love country music! Our friends were joking about Brett liking me and saying how cute we were together all night and well… I couldn’t stop smiling. Brett was so sweet and funny, and his blue eyes just had a way to my heart! Towards the end of the night we were dancing away and as the song ended Brett gave me a sweet peck and the rest was history :)

how they asked

Brett and I had recently moved to Minnesota after graduating college and getting full time jobs, (the real world). We loved to travel and hike and see places. We got lots of recommendations to go to Duluth,MN. After doing some research we fell in love with Gooseberry Falls and swore we would get there when we could. We had tried going two weekends in a row and rain kept us from making the 5 hour drive. After the second weekend didn’t work out, Brett said he would plan the weekend and we would just make the most of it. (Let me mind you I am a planner and need to know what is going on so this was not like him at all!) Once we got up to Duluth it was beautiful. We stopped in Duluth to eat at a Brewery, walk around by the water and just be a tourist :). We then drove about 30 minutes outside of Duluth to where we were staying. After checking in we went to a few other spots. Brett really wanted to go to Split Rock Light House. When we got there it was stunning. We had to hike around rocks and paths to get up to the light house. I wanted to go down by some rocks and the water. After about 100 stairs later it was beautiful. I was taking in the water and scene and then I realized I didn’t know where Brett was. After looking around, I saw he was on his phone. I asked him what was going on and he was SO upset the sun was setting away from the light house. I tried to tell him it was still beautiful and I loved it but he was just upset and insisted we come back in the morning. We went back to the hotel for the night. Brett wanted to get up to watch the sunrise at 4:30am. So we left and tried to get something for breakfast but everywhere was closed. Then while driving it started raining. Brett seemed upset and defeated but I kept reminding him the sun would rise no matter what the day brought. When we got to the park that had split rock light house, the gate was closed. We couldn’t get in. We tried driving down another road close but could only park over a mile away, with the sun starting to rise Brett did not want to do that. We ended up parking in a no Park zone and writing on a napkin, “Please don’t tow my car, watching the sun rise BRB.” (I also left my number). We jogged up the hill and ran down all 100 stairs down to the same spot as the day before. The sun was rising and it was so worth the crazy morning. I tried to sit down on stacked rocks and almost fell backwards. Brett suggested I stood up :). When I did he got down on one knee and gave me the most romantic, perfect and sensitive speech of why he wanted to spend his life with me. Of course I said yes :). We got to spend the day together at Gooseberry before sharing our news with friends and family!

Brittney and Brett's Engagement in Duluth, MN

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