Brittney and Brent

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How We Met

My best friend from college, Riley, met Brent through his roommate, Casey. As soon as she met him, she told me that we would be perfect for each other. It took 5 months, but we finally planned a “double date”. Neither of us really wanted to go, but we met May 16, 2014 at Typhoon in Pacific Beach. We automatically hit it off, and spent the rest of the night dancing! We actually lost Riley and Casey, but continued the night wandering around PB and talking until the sun came up!

how they asked

Brent reached out to my closest family and friends and planned a whole day scavenger hunt proposal. He talked to one of the co-workers, Kelley, who was able to get me the day off. BUT I thought I had an 8am meeting. I showed up to this “Meeting” with coffee for Kelley and I. We went into the meeting space, and she let me know that they had just called and were running late. So we sat and talked and waited. 30 minutes go by, and Kelley’s 3 year old and 6 year old come walking into the room with flowers and a note.

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I was so excited to see them, I wasn’t really sure what was going on, until I read the note that told me to drive west to the beach to find my love. I was in shock..I drove to the beach, where I found my mom sitting on the jetty with flowers and a card.

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We walked the beach and she told me how amazing of a day I was going to have. She handed me the card, which told me to drive to a park in Pacific Beach, where we used to picnic.

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There, I found our friend Jr. The next card sent me to the bar where we met, where Casey and Riley were waiting for me. The 3 of us sat and had a few drinks, but they eventually sent me to the next stop, which was the PB Pier, there i found our friends Jay and Kayla and their Boxer puppy waiting for me.

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By this time, I was sure that he was going to be at the next stop, but I was given a card that sent me to a winery, there my best friend/ sister-in-law, Megan, was waiting for me, with more flowers. We had lunch, and drank champagne.

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Then she let me know that we had time to kill, so we headed to my apartment, so we could relax and freshen up (by this time I knew exactly what was happening).

Finally, Megan told me we were ready, I got in the car with her, and she drove me to the next location, which ended up being La Jolla Cove. We get there, and we see my co-worker, Kelley, her boys, and Brent’s sister Janel. I was so excited to see them, then I look over the fence and see Brent standing on the cliffs with a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses. I stepped over the fence, and walked down to him. He kissed me, then wasted no time, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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The day was such a whirlwind. After the proposal, we celebrated with friends,and then took off to Prep Kitchen for dinner. As soon as we sat down, I burst out into tears of joy! I am SO excited to spend the rest of our lives together!!

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