Brittney and Brandon

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How We Met

Our Story began December 2006 a little over 10 years ago at Snow Summit Big Bear. Our dads are both Riverside City fireman and at this point had been good friends a few years before Brandon and I had ever officially met. My family and I had been into the whole learning how to snowboard thing and we all decided to go on a snowboarding trip with our two families. I always knew who the famous Brandon Ryan was but I was so excited to meet this hot freshman I had always heard so much about. We pull up to the mountain on a cold December day and I see him gearing up and I was both excited and man was my 8th grade nerdy self nervous. Lets just say that cold December day that I was supposed to spend with Brandon ended with me hardly seeing him and eating it on the bunny hill and spending the night with a broken and dislocated arm in the hospital. So, we lost touch but flash forward two years and Brandon and I learned we had mutual friends and reconnected. I did that whole awkward Oh remember me…our dads work together (trying not to mention the whole having to leave early thing because I ate it snowboarding). From that point on we talked here and there but It wasn’t until his senior year of High school and my Junior year until we became best friends. I remember the year I graduated high school being young and somewhat crazy, looking at my best friend and saying, I know I am going to marry Brandon Ryan and after a couple of years and a few life lessons later we decided to (finally) take it to the next level and date(I always knew he was the one).

how they asked

The day Brandon asked me to Marry him was by far one of the best days of my entire life. I mean isn’t the day every girl gets engaged the best day ever?! Brandon told me to be ready at 3:15AM and I instantly thought he was crazy. I was at work until midnight and was already so exhausted and knowing I was only going to get a few hours of sleep was frustrating. At this point I was just thinking what does somebody even do at 3 in the morning? Yet I was also so excited to see what we were going to be doing. Im not one or surprises so I was curious to see what he had up his sleeve. I got up bags under my eyes and all, got ready got in the car kissed Brandon and off we went! Falling asleep in the car, and pitch black outside I had not even the slightest clue where on the earth we were going! Brandon and I have a bucket list in the back of my daily journal and one of our number one things we wrote down was to take a hot air balloon ride. A few hours pass and we start taking this windy road through Temecula. The sun peaking over the hills the brisk air, the beautiful rolling hills of endless vines and I still had no idea where we were going. We start to go up to this long windy road and at the top is this gorgeous winery. I was for sure thinking that it was too early to go wine tasting, and Brandon looked over at me and said, “do you have any idea what we are doing?” I looked up and saw a sign with a big arrow underneath and it said “Hot Air Balloon ride this way.” I instantly started freaking out. Like shut up is this real life?! I really can’t even explain my excitement, I felt like a little kid on the last day of school. Little did I know that was only the beginning of such an adventurous day. They begin to take one group one way and Brandon and I in another direction. Not thinking anything of it, Brandon had gotten us our own hot air balloon rather then riding with a group of people. As we are watching them prepare the Hot Air Balloons I had even asked why we got our own and he just looked at me smiled and said, “oh they ran out of room” and me too excited for words at this point didn’t even think of it. So we jump in the basket and off we went. Let me be the first to tell you, one of the best things I have ever experienced. Something about just floating in the sky and watching the sunrise over the most beautiful wineries with your soulmate. Breathtaking. At this point we were up in the air for a good 45 minutes and our pilot who was awesome said we are going to start descending. Brandon had set up the GoPro on of the arms of the basket and he anxciously looked at me and said, “hey I need to ask you something before we land…. (he gets down on one knee) and says WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

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I had no idea! I put my hand over my face to help the tears from flowing and shout oh my gosh YES! He didn’t even show a sign the whole morning or anything that he had been nervous! I who finds out everything had not even the slightetb clue. We landed and celebrated with mimosas and some wine tasting to the end one of the best days of our lives.

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