Brittney and Andy's Fake Photoshoot Proposal

How We Met

Brittney and I met at this little local popular photo spot called the Wallace Lake Dam in Shreveport, LA on November 10th, 2014. She had just finished up a photoshoot for some clients and I had just showed up to take some photos with some friends. She was with our mutual friend, Kelli Garder so I introduced myself to her. It wasn’t exactly sparks at first because we were both being kind of reserved (for some odd reason).

I added her on facebook that day (because that’s obviously how you get to know people in this day and age) and told her that I really enjoyed her work as a photographer. I’d noticed her out at the same location several times over the next month doing photoshoots and decided to ask her if she’d like to go location scouting some day. To my surprise, she agreed! But due to circumstances beyond both of our control, we kept having to cancel our meetups.

Well, one day I decided to do a photoshoot for fun with our mutual friend, Kelli. While she and I were on the shoot she started texting Brittney and telling her that she thought Brittney and I would be perfect together. So we both decided to keep an open mind about it and were finally able to get together and go exploring. I don’t want to say that their were fireworks but let me tell you, in my heart? There were fireworks. I fell in love pretty much instantly.



how they asked

Over the next 9 months I started trying to figure out how I was going to propose to her. Should I do it around her family? “No, that’s too generic and she doesn’t like being the center of attention,” I thought. We are both lovers of the mountains. She would travel with me to shoots up at Petit Jean no matter what it was just because it got us both out of the city and somewhere beautiful. So I started to think, “this place will be perfect to propose.” No people, no family, just us.

I started off by asking her father and grandfather (the two people she respects and looks up to the most) for permission to marry her. I’m a bit old fashioned. Next thing was to secure the date and get a photographer so I met up with my friend Austin to take the photos for me. Her mom made me a picnic basket with plates, strawberries, grapes, hummus and crackers, and some wine to take with us.

So here’s how it went down. I told Brittney a month ahead of time that I had a bridal session at Petit Jean and I needed her help. I didn’t know any other way to get her up there without it being super obvious. As the date got closer and closer I kept feeling like she was getting more suspicious because she kept asking me more and more questions regarding the shoot.

Anyway, we get to the shoot and I text the photographer (Austin who is my stand in pretend bride) that we’re here and he texts me back telling me that he took a wrong turn and it’ll be another 20-30 min or so. So I take her out to look at the edge of the mountain and the beautiful scenery. I brought my camera bag with me which had the ring in it so I could “take some pictures of her over there.” We get in position and I set down my bag and grabbed the ring box out and put it behind my back. I don’t think I was ever so nervous in my entire life as I was at that point. I said to her, “the reason we’re here is not for a bridal shoot but I’m here because I’m ready for forever with you. I’m ready to laugh, cry, sing and pray with you forever.” I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Obviously she said yes or I wouldn’t be typing this right now!

Austin captured the moments perfectly!