Brittney and Adrian


How We Met

We met on Facebook 5 years ago. He sent me a message that was very goofy and different. I enjoyed his off beat sense of humor. The more we talked we both realized we had so much in common. We’re both artists and love a lot of the same shows, etc. He’s not only the man I love, but he’s my best friend.

how they asked

Our 5th Dating Anniversary was on August 18th. I thought we would have a lowkey anniversary date because our anniversary fell on a Thursday, but Adrian insisted we still dress up and visit Greer park where he had planned for us to take a walk and then visit downtown for dinner. So I agreed. We were walking in the park and I said “Hey, do you remember us pretending like we were getting married under that gazebo like 3 years ago?” He said he remembered  and as we got closer he said “Let’s go under there again.” I thought he was being weird (because that’s not out of the norm for him lol). I was reluctant, but I eventually agreed. When we got under the gazebo he proposed! I thought he was joking.


I was in shock and laughing the whole time. I, of course said “yes.” His friend Tayler, popped out of nowhere and captured our moment :) I still can’t believe it. He soon after told me he had been planning it for a while, and that he had asked for my parents blessing the night before. I love and respect him even more for doing that.

Special Thanks

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