Brittnei and Nicholas

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How We Met

He would tell you we met in a dog park, but in truth we met online.

Toronto, like many urban settings, is a tough space to date for keeps. We had both decided to invest some coin and energy into finding the right partner, I had been looking for much longer, weeding through the duds and growing more weary and exhausted with each failed date. I was just minutes (actually seconds) away from cancelling my account, when a message from Nick popped up.

Nick is someone who screams through life at 110%, spontaneity is his jam and his gut is his true indicator. When he knows, he knows. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that after scheduling our first date and texting/calling for a few days in preparation- he surprised me by proposing an impromptu dog park meeting 2 days earlier than expected! I was giddy with excitement, and so eagerly (read: nervously) accepted, and the rest.. is history.

From that first date onwards we have had a whirlwind romance, blasting through social convention and hitting each new milestone months earlier than is custom (all the while making our loved ones very nervous!). Tackling months of long distance, whirlwind work transitions, countless travel separations and life challenges, we had come out stronger and more committed with each new hiccup. I met his family after one week, we said “I love you’s” within the first month, and after 3 months together we blended our tiny units (our pups) to make one perfect little clan under one roof.

And just 1 day after our 10 month milestone, we were engaged.

In each other we have found our perfect partner; we share a love of tall trees, time outdoors, daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle. We each have an unwavering need to explore, a heart for the world’s injustices and a unshakeable commitment to the humans we hold dear. Those very humans will attest to our perfect pairing, we really should be filming a promotional video for!

how they asked

Aligned with our unwavering need to explore, we booked a road trip inclusive of hiking & camping adventures that had us driving 3000+ miles in 9 days across 3 states (California, Nevada & Arizona). We were both looking forward to the opportunity to unplug, explore and connect more deeply without the distractions of daily life. Little did I know he had bigger plans.

Sidebar: Nick is a keeper of promises, in fact he will not promise anything arbitrarily or jokingly. As our relationship progressed, he shared with me that he had made a personal promise to wait a year before making any larger commitments, after dealing with some considerable heart break before my time. So needless to say, a proposal 10 months in was a considerable surprise.

As avid hikers and lover of all things outdoors, the Grand Canyon was the most eagerly anticipated item on our itinerary. On the third day of our adventure we woke early to drive from Las Vegas to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, we quickly set up our camp site, changed into our hiking gear and set out to hike into the Canyon. The first view was classically breathtaking, but the hike looked treacherous. Hiking alllll the way down, only to turn around and hike alllll the way up. I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t slightly apprehensive at the top and Nick could sense my lack of excitement.

As we set off, Nick’s nerves were setting in- he fumbled to take a photo and cracked his phone. Our conversation was light as we wound our way to the turnaround point. As I hit up the restroom and filled my water bottle, Nick had ventured a bit further to find the most private, picturesque setting to pop the question. Once I found him I was so captivated by the site that I was oblivious to his bubbling nerves and clear attempts to get my attention.

A man of few words he said “I love you”, I of course said it back, still distracted by the view.

It wasn’t until he was on one knee that I was paying real attention. The first words out of my mouth were “NO YOU’RE NOT!” and his next ones were “This is the only promise I will ever break (note the side bar), Will you Marry me?”

A wave of all the feels hit me; shock and surprise, pure and unabated happiness and complete assurance that the answer was absolutely YES!

That beautiful ring and the promise of a lifetime together made the hike a little (yes only a little) easier.

Lastly, Nick was passionate about getting the perfect picture (knowing my love for how they asked) and because of his nerves was unable to set it up in the moment. So after getting to the top Nick insisted on capturing the perfect shot, at sunset- it turned out INCREDIBLE!

Image 2 of Brittnei and Nicholas

Image 3 of Brittnei and Nicholas

Both pictures (real & staged) bring us so much joy and we look forward to planing the most unique and telling wedding of our dreams.