Brittnee and Andy


How We Met

Our love story started at Outback Steakhouse. To me Andy was always extremely fun to be around. He would constantly joke around and would consistently ask me out on dates.At the time Andy was 17 and I was 18,a WHOLE year younger than me and I let that get the best of me. It took about a year of us building a friendship before I would finally agree to go out on a date with him. From the moment we met everything that makes Andy who he is had captured my heart instantaneously. It may have taken me some time to realize it but my heart and soul always knew he was the one. Our first date was the start to a blossoming relationship that  grew into an everlasting love.


how they asked

Andy and I have been dating for a little over six years now and you could say I have been waiting for the moment he would ask me to marry him. This would be a hard task to pursue as I am typically really great at figuring things out. Two weeks prior to the proposal my parents told me that there was a scholarship dinner on April 22nd for my little sister. From my understanding this was going to be an upper scale event and the whole family was invited. Ironically, I am an Event Planner at a hotel and had a wedding booked that same night. Luckily the timing worked out perfectly where I would still be able to attend my sister’s awards dinner. Unfortunately, Andy told me he would have to work late that evening and would be unable to attend. I wasn’t too happy about that, but it’s his job right? How could I be mad? I went home the evening of the scholarship dinner to get all dolled up for this wonderful event. My whole family and I left the house around 7pm to head to hotel where the dinner would take place. We arrived to the Renaissance hotel and walked through the lobby. We were oddly directed outside towards the pool area, but there was a sign directing us to the dinner so I assumed this was the right way. As we started walking past the pool area there was a beautiful walkway. As we got closer I heard music in the distance. We all started walking towards the music. The pathway was lined with beautiful candles. At that point I realized something was happening. My family stepped back and directed me to move forward. I continued to walk around the walkway. Once I made it to the end there Andy stood. At that moment he took me by the hand and asked me to marry him. This moment could not have been any more perfect. Our family was on the other end to congratulate us after all of the excitement. The proposal was planned out perfectly with a photographer and videographer included. We all took family pictures and then headed back to the hotel for dinner. To my surprise my parents surprised us with an amazing engagement party full of all of our close friends and family. Not only did we get to experience this moment with our families but all of our friends were also able to share in the moment. Every detail was attended to with this amazing party: a wonderful DJ, beautiful cake and memories to last a lifetime. It could have been a mini wedding with all the planning that went into this. The night was truly pulled out of a fairy tale and I could not have asked for more!






Our Video

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