Brittnay and Joseph

Brittnay and Joseph Camps's Engagement in Thomasville, GA

How We Met

It started with a wink. Like most modern-day romances, we met online. Joseph made the first move, and the rest is OURstory.

how they asked

The Fall of the year is always a busy time for Joseph and I. So before the craziness of the season started, I asked Joseph for a special date night. I asked Joseph to take me to a nice restaurant in Thomasville, GA. We had been to Thomasville once, and I fell in love with the downtown area because it reminds me of home. Since I was prepping for a date night, I decided to look extra nice, so I got my makeup and nails done, with the suggestions of my close friends. When I arrived at Joseph’s house to get ready, he asked me to help him pick out which shirt he should wear. Both of his shirts were black, the same color my friend suggested that I wore. I didn’t think anything of it, because Joseph likes to color coordinate. I suggested he wear the black shirt that he wore on our first date.

After we coordinated our outfits, Joseph told me he moved back our dinner reservation so we could see more of the town. Initially, I thought something could be up, but I figured maybe Joseph was trying to be romantic or wanted to watch something on t.v.

When we arrived in Thomasville, Joseph suggested we go for a walk, I was a little nervous, but I didn’t ask any questions, because I love taking walks. As we were walking, he suggested that we take a picture at the courthouse. The idea of taking a picture did not make me suspicious, but how did Joseph know about the courthouse? I thought to myself, could this be happening ..but when we arrived at the courthouse, there was no one around. I thought I saw someone, but they vanished so quickly, so I thought, maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I found a dime in my purse, threw it in the fountain and wished for Joseph and me to have an amazing night. After taking a few selfies on my phone, Joseph asked me to sit on the fountain and began telling me things like how I made him a better person and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. During that time, I was so shocked by the kind words that Joseph was sharing that I became very anxious and started to share my mutual feelings. I believe I interrupted Joseph maybe three times. Yes, I thought he could be proposing, but he was not down on one knee, so perhaps this was a warm up?

Shortly after telling me those things, Joseph got on one knee and pulled out a ring; Joseph was so nervous he initially forgot to ask me to marry him and tried to put the ring on the wrong finger, but he asked, and I said yes, and we are getting married!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Thomasville, GA

Later that night, I found out that my friends’ suggestions were because Joseph instructed them to encourage me to do certain things, like wearing black, Joseph wanted to wear the shirt he wore on our first date and knew if presented with the option I would pick it. Joseph proposed at the courthouse because of the view and so that another one of our friends could hide and take pictures( that was the person “I thought I saw”).

Once we arrived at the restaurant, there was a bottle of champagne waiting for us and a card from Joseph’s sister and brother in law. The family at the table next to ours heard that we got engaged and purchased our dinner. I was in a great mood that night. We did not finish the entire bottle of champagne, so we decided to spread the love and shared it with another couple. All I can say is that I had an amazing night and my wish came true.

Special Thanks

Dylan Jackson
 | Photographer
Deonia Russell
 | Planning
Melissa Ochoa
 | Planning