Brittany and Ryan

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How we met

“He’s just a close friend!” I firmly proclaimed to my friends and family whenever they mentioned his name. Ryan and I walked our high school halls as “friends”…sharing notes in Trig class, eating lunch together, and talking about our relationships. It wasn’t long before my feelings secretly (or not so secretly) grew for him! The summer before college we made things “official”. College proved to present its trials, as we were at different schools and Ryan played college soccer. To say our relationship was challenged is an understatement. We spent time apart but always ended up finding our way back to each other.

how they asked

December 30th came around and I thought it was most definitely a lost cause! We had a pretty typical day planned. I went to watch him coach his soccer game in the morning then we headed to Chagrin Falls to do some shopping and meet his family for lunch. We walked around some then grabbed coffee at Starbucks. It was a perfect snowy day in Ohio! While at Starbucks, his mom called and said they were waiting at the restaurant. We grabbed our things and headed out. At one point, I remember Ryan slowing down and saying to him “Hurry up, its freezing out!” Little did I know he was trying to give the photographers time to get into place! He then grabbed my coffee out of my hand and I looked at him confused as ever. He grabbed my hand and pulled me by the overlook of the falls. He got down on one knee and I was then in complete shock!

He proceeded to pull out the ring of my dreams. I was speechless; I don’t even think I gave him an answer until he asked me for a second time! I will never forget the flood of emotions as we hugged and kissed. I really could not believe this day had come with this man I love so incredibly much. We had the most perfect pictures to document this memory, which I’m so glad since I don’t seem to remember all of it! We finished our day celebrating with all of our family and friends. Toasting to this exciting new journey and celebrating this love of ours.

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