Brittany and Justin

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How We Met

We met at a campground our families were at one weekend almost 8 years ago. I was only a mere 14 years old and he was 16. It was that young love at first sight. We spent the whole weekend together. Once we both were home he decided a week later to ask me to be his girlfriend. Weve been together ever since. He is my rock, my soulmate, my best friend. I couldnt imagine my life without him in it.

how they asked

He took me on a week vacation to Disney World in Orlando for our 7 year anniversary. He invited my best girl friend to come with us…(me not knowing…she knew all along!) We went to Magic Kingdom the day before our actual anniversary (my idea…he wasn’t happy because he wanted his plan to go his way). We got to the park bright and early, did all the rides, took pictures with the characters, watched the parades, by the end of the night we were all exhausted but since he had bought the magic photo pass we had to squeeze a few more photos into that day. He took me to a spot in the gardens with Cinderella’s castle in the background. We were waiting in line to get our picture taken and a couple got engaged right in front of us!

I turned to him and joked about how this would’ve a perfect spot for him to propose to me since our anniversary was the next day and we were at such a magical place(Disney of course!). My friend Kelsey and him shot each other a look…(he didn’t know that I noticed) at that moment I had butterflies in my stomach as to what was going to happen next. We stood in front of the photographer and he took a couple regular pictures of us smiling then Justin turned to me holding something in his hands shaking(he was a bit nervous…even though he doesn’t admit it) he said to me “I know you clearly couldn’t wait any longer for this to happen….you know I love you and you are the world to me…will you make me the happiest man and be my princess?

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Brittany will you marry me?” I couldn’t stop smiling and giggling I of course said yes! We took so many pictures Kelsey ran to me and said “can I cry now?

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I’m so happy for you guys!” I told her of course! I couldn’t stop crying myself! Hahaha! Best night of my life so far! Cant wait to walk down the aisle!

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