Brittany and Danny

How We Met

Danny and I met in high school (2008), where we first became best friends. Eventually, it became serious and we started to grow feelings for each other. We grew a relationship for about 3 months, and he still hadn’t asked me to be his girlfriend so I was a little confused and stayed being patient until one day (December 8, 2009) I said to a friend of mine, “If he doesn’t ask me today, I’m calling it off.” I mean in high school, 3 months of “talking/dating” was considered a really long time. That night, I had to cheer for a basketball game, and he usually comes to the games to see me!

Brittany De and Danny's Engagement in Nassau, Bahamas

When the game ended, my friend and I were getting ready to leave cause her dad was there to pick us up to go home and I couldn’t find him anywhere to say goodbye. We walked outside and there was Danny with a group of his friends. I was sort of annoyed with him cause of the comment I made earlier that day about him not asking me to be his girlfriend yet… I told him “I’m leaving and I’ll text you later”, and he said, “But wait, I think you dropped something.” I looked at it super fast and said “No, that’s not mine” and then he got all weird and said, “Yes! For sure you dropped this.” It was a bracelet that said “GF? <3” (Girlfriend? ❤) and of course, I freaked out and said, “OMG, OF COURSE!!”

Brittany De's Proposal in Nassau, Bahamas

Over the years, Danny and I’s relationship went through a lot, especially as kids. We had the major concern of what would happen when he was planning on going away for college and it kind of put a damper on our relationship. Eventually, we decided on trying out the long distance thing and for 4 years, we made it happen. Luckily, his university was in the same state so it gave me a chance to go visit him a lot and vice versa. We went through rough patches but what couple doesn’t. We made it work because we have so much love for each other, it’s crazy. I honestly look back and tell myself, Wow… We had to go through certain things in order to get to where we are right now and it is the best it’s ever been.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Nassau, Bahamas

It’s been 9 years together, and I honestly thank God every day for having Danny in my life.

How They Asked

Beginning of 2019, Danny wanted to start planning out my 25th birthday, which was in February. He told me since we didn’t travel for the holidays that maybe we should plan out a birthday trip. I love the Bahamas and figured we’d go there! So we booked and it was officially planned. Secretly, he told our families that they needed to book for this trip because he was planning on proposing and so they did. People kept asking “OMG, do you think he’s going to propose?” and I honestly I said no because I just didn’t want to get my hopes up and get disappointed. Also, he kept mentioning, “Remember, we have our Europe trip this summer” So I automatically assumed that was going to be the trip that he proposes to me on!

Where to Propose in Nassau, Bahamas

Finally, the Bahamas trip is here and honestly, it was the best trip of my life. We stayed at the new Nassau Hotel— Bahamar Resort which is complete PARADISE!!! We had a day to ourselves before our family showed up on the trip and it was so relaxing. Our families got there and we enjoyed two pool/beach days, one included it being my birthday and that’s all I really wanted… to be with the ones that mattered most. We started the day with brunch, my favorite, and then spent the day by the pool and beach! I’m telling you, it’s exactly what I wanted to do for my 25th birthday.

We decided that we wanted to go back to the rooms around 4pm to get ready and meet in an hour to take family photos, which was normal to me, didn’t think anything of it. We all met back downstairs at the casino to walk to the dock. Mind you, the dock is really breathtaking and we made it just in time for the beautiful sunset. We started taking pictures and then it was finally Danny and I’s turn. He ends up throwing out a bracelet on the floor behind me without noticing. And he kept on moving too much and said “what’s that on the floor?” I look at it and I’m like “what the heck is that?” My sweet little sister in law, Olivia, handed the bracelet to me… And immediately, I started to cry because I knew what the bracelet meant. The bracelet said “Marry Me?” and obviously I got super emotional because this is exactly how Danny asked me out to be his girlfriend 9 years ago. His proposal literally brought me back to that moment of us starting our relationship together as kids and the fact that he proposed to me in that way also, it just made this moment even more special for us and that this is our relationship now flourishing into the rest of our lives.

I can honestly tell you that this was the best moment/ birthday of my life!!! Danny makes me feel special every day but this was just extra special and AMAZING. I couldn’t stop crying of happiness. Not only did he plan out the best proposal, but the night continued on with celebrations and he and our families planned out the best night after that too. It was all pure bliss and a month later, I still can’t get over this feeling!!!

The love of my life and I are getting married in 2020!

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