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how we met

We first met back in the Winter of 2014 at a mutual friend’s apartment in NYC. It was before a night out in Meatpacking where we chatted for a good hour or so (aka: Zach chatting my ear off), and then went our separate ways… for six months. Half a year later, we were both ending our night out with friends at a club on the Bowery. I was dancing on an elevated couch to Chris Brown’s live performance with a bird’s eye view of the crowd… where I spotted Zach and waited for him to look up. He smiled and signaled for a drink, so I met him at the bar… and the rest is history.

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how they asked

Our proposal took place Saturday, September 7th, 2019 at 10:58am inside our apartment. This was a complete and utter surprise, despite having a dream earlier that week that Zach was going to propose to me soon (which I, of course, inquired about)! Zach caught me off guard as I was rushing around, as I normally do, while getting ready for brunch with his family. With a fresh coat of nail polish applied, I went over to the living room window to cool off, dry my nails, and catch up on texts before his family arrived. After three persistent attempts to direct my attention to “the mob scene” right outside our window on 3rd Avenue, Zach asked what I thought was going on out there. Used to chaos on the streets, I looked and told him I wasn’t sure. He then pointed to a crowd of people holding up signs and asked me “what does that say?”. For some reason, my heart started pounding and I couldn’t make sense of the perfectly legible letters, which spelled out: “Zach Has A Question”. Each letter was held up by a member of this “mob” outside – and I quickly realized it was our families behind the signs. It was the most special moment that left me speechless… and a moment I could have never dreamed of.

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