Brittany and Wesley

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How We Met

Wesley and I met in high school in our small hometown located in Colorado. I was only two weeks away from beginning my freshman year of high school when I got a Facebook message from a cute, older boy. Excited about the occasion, I instantly replied to his message. After days of non-stop conversation, I realized just how much the two of us had in common! I could not wait to begin school and meet this boy.

We had agreed to meet on the second floor in the commons area before the fist bell. After finding Wesley in the crowd of new faces, I immediately rushed to say “Hi” Wesley responded with a quiet “Hello” and a shy smile. I expected a flurry of conversation to begin after the last couple of weeks we had spent over the phone getting to know each other. It was at this point that I was determined to make this boy mine.

Months had passed and our relationship with each other only grew. We were still constantly talking on the phone and squeezing in conversations between classes every chance we got! We even shared the occasional wink across the classroom to catch the other off guard. Countless memories were made and we had only just met. Wesley and I became best friends, but we both knew there were stronger feelings present.

It was nearing the end of the school year and I was dying to tell Wesley how I really felt about him. It turns out, Wesley ended up telling me his feelings for me first! With a sweet explanation of how much I meant to him, and how happy he was to have sent me that first Facebook message, Wesley asked me to attend his junior prom with him. After the most fun filled evening of dancing the night away with my best friend, he asked me to be his girlfriend!

Over the past five years Wesley and I have created memories we will never forget.

how they asked

We had both decided that we wanted to take a vacation together somewhere warm this summer. Having fun while brainstorming of places, I threw out the unrealistic destination of Mexico. (It was fun to dream) However, we had previously decided that we would make that vacation after both of us had graduated from college. We had decided we would vacation to Virginia Beach to visit some close friends and still get to relax on a beach.

Being so anxious to embark on this journey together, I immediately began telling everybody of our plans, researching fun activities to do, and I was in contact with our friends just about everyday.

I had never been in an airport before so it was easy for Wesley to get us checked in and through security without me having any questions. It was when we began walking to our boarding gate when Wesley finally announced a change in plans. As I look up and see “Puerto Vallarta” printed above our gate number, I ask Wesley where that is. “Surprise! We’re going to Mexico,” he says.

From the moment we land in Mexico, Wesley has everything mapped out, from where to catch a cab, the address of our condo, the activities we can do, and he had also made sure to have completed a currency exchange before we got there. I was so excited and thankful for this wonderful trip, that I had no clue it wouldn’t be my only surprise.

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When we arrived at the condo we did a little unpacking and then I was informed we had dinner reservations at a restaurant along the beach. We left early, as we wanted to enjoy some time on the beach before we walked down to the restaurant. After dipping our toes in the sand for a while, Wesley suggested we begin our walk to the restaurant.

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We had been walking for a few minutes when he suggested that we stop and enjoy the moment. Taking in all of the beautiful views that Puerto Vallarta has to offer, I had taken my eyes off of Wesley for a moment. When I turned back around, he had gotten down on one knee.

Proposal Ideas Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I was so excited for this moment to be happening! Wesley asked me to marry him in the most beautiful way! I was so excited to say YES to this wonderful man!!

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The surprises were still not over! Wesley informed me that he had remotely booked photographers who had been following us from the beach to catch our special moment and we would now have a private photoshoot with them.

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I am so thankful for the love and the life I get to share with this wonderful man! He sure pulled off the ultimate surprise, I could not ask for anything more.

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