Brittany and Wes

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How We Met

We met 6 years ago through his cousin, who is one of my best friends and will be the maid of honor. They were at a family get together and he saw a picture of me on her phone and immediately asked who I was and told her he had to meet me. Initially I had no interest in meeting him because he was younger than me and attended a college that was 4 hours from the one I was attending. He and his aunt were very persistent that I meet him so I finally caved and went on a date with him. From the beginning it was so obvious we had a connection, and we immediately fell in love and have been best friends ever since. I won’t say we haven’t had our ups and downs, especially with 6 years of long distance, but we have always leaned on each other and the Lord through everything and it has finally paid off and brought us where we have always wanted to be! We are so excited to start this new journey in our lives together.

how they asked

I am an engagement and wedding photographer, so naturally my fiancé (Wes) is very used to me having photoshoots a lot! Some of our friends got engaged around this time last year and I had taken their engagement photos in that fall. When we took their photos they had mentioned wanting some with their sweet fur babies, but didn’t want to have to deal with them through the rest of the session or have to worry about leaving them in the car. Because of this we decided it would be easiest to just plan to let the puppies have their moment in the spotlight on another day. Knowing this whole plan Wes decided that would be the perfect rouse for his grand plan. So he got my friend Miranda in on it all and had her ask me if she could schedule her fur baby photos on Friday evening. Miranda called and we made plans for her session, we discussed just snapping a few good shots, dropping the puppies off and heading to dinner. Wes and I live about 2 hours away from one another as he is still in school and will be graduating in May. Wes had already made plans to be home that weekend because of Easter so we knew he would be in town. Little did I know he actually had come home Thursday evening and went straight to my parents house to ask my for my dad’s permission.

On Friday evening after Wes got to my house, Miranda and her fiancé (David) picked us up and we headed to Sequoyah Park for their session. Wes came along with us since the plan was to go to dinner following their session. We walked around the park for a while stopping here and a there and snapping some cute photos. We walked a little bit further until we got to a spot with a beautiful backdrop by the river. Little did I know Wes and Miranda and another friend of ours, Kennedy, (Kennedy helps me second shoot a lot of weddings- she was the photographer of the plan) had come that morning in pursuit of the perfect spot for him to propose and this was that spot.

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I snapped a few shots and as far as I knew we were finished with our session and ready to go to dinner. Miranda suggested I let her take a photo of Wes and I since we were dressed up and ready for dinner and the backdrop was so beautiful. So, Wes and I smiled for our photo and as soon as Miranda took the first photo he stopped her and said he had a different pose in mind. Slightly confused I asked him what the pose was. He said, “well we don’t have a photo like this yet.” At that moment he pulled the ring out of his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Obviously I was shocked and immediately began to cry and through my tears said, “YES!”. He stood up to put the ring on my finger and at the moment my friend Kennedy popped out of the bushes and had captured every special moment.

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I am so thankful he thought of every last detail. From making sure my nails were done and making sure I was dressed cute, to asking my dad and having our friends there to capture every moment he thought of everything! I am so thankful for such an amazing man to spend my life with and so thankful he gave us such a special memory to share and treasure forever!

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Special Thanks

Kennedy Jones
 | Photographer
Miranda Jackson
 | Planning