Brittany and Tyronne


How We Met: Tyronne and I met in 2007 at a basketball game at Boston College. I was 18 years old and a freshman just starting at Boston College and he was in his 5th year senior playing for the football team. My friend that I had met in french class asked me to go to a basketball game with her (and for those of you who don’t know, I hate sports. I have never played sports, nor do I watch sports). I was trying to get into the school spirit, so I agreed to go for a little bit before practice for my dance group). From the moment I walked up to a seat close to where Tyronne was, he started looking at me. At first, I was a bit skeptical because he was making it very obvious that he was starring at me. Finally, he introduced himself to me like this: “Hi, my name is Tyronne, I like long walks on the beach, cookies and cream ice cream and The Hills, how about you?”. It definitely made me laugh to see a football player saying he liked The Hills, and that definitely broke the ice. From that point on, Tyronne was pretty persistent.

My friend who took us to the basketball game came up to me the next day and said “Tyronne wants your AIM name”. For those too young to remember, AIM was the way people communicated in the early 2000’s, and it stands for AOL Instant Messanger. She said to me “Tyronne also said that if I get your information for him, he will never speak to another girl in his life”. I just laughed when she told me this and finally decided to her my AIM screen name. That night, Tyronne reached out to me on AIM and we agreed to meet at our college dining hall, “Lower Live”, after he got out of football practice the next day.

Getting ready to meet him at Lower was a little nerve racking. My roommate at the time offered to go to the dining hall with me and said she would sit at a table a few spots away from us. She was very overprotective and just as nervous as I was. I finally got dressed and headed from my dorm room to the dining hall. At Lower, all of the athletes sat at the very first long table when you entered the dining hall, so I knew it would be a little uncomfortable walking in. As I walked in, I spotted Tyronne sitting with many other BC football players to my left. As I walked in, Tyronne got up and we headed over to a smaller table away from all of his teammates. The second that his teammates realized Tyronne was meeting a girl, they started making all these noises to get his attention. Come to find out, Tyronne had never dated anyone his whole college career so his teammates were extremely surprised to see him in public with a girl. I still to this day remember what Tyronne was wearing when he met me in the dining hall. And from that point forward, we have been inseparable.

how they asked: Fast forward to 2015, and us planning our trip to Boston. Many of my college roommates still live in Boston, so we had planned to visit some of my friends and Tyronne’s family in July. While planning the trip, I told Tyronne that I wanted to go back to BC and visit the school to see the changes that had been made. We decided to do that on the Friday we were in Boston with my friends Casey and Kaleigh. On Thursday, we arrived early in the morning to Boston and stayed with Tyronnes best friend. On Friday morning, I planned to meet with Casey and Kaleigh at a brunch spot I had found and really wanted to try called Tatte’s Bakery. So around 10:30am, Tyronne and I headed to meet them! I was so excited to spend the whole day with my two best friends which I hadn’t seen in quite some time. It was the most perfect day outside and we all had a delicious brunch.After brunch, we decided to head to Boston College to see some of the changes they have made since us graduating in 2011. As we parked, Tyronne told me to bring my camera so that we could all take photos while we were at the school, which I thought was nice, because I usually have to force Tyronne to take pictures with me. We all headed out from the parking lot, where Tyronne told me, Casey and Kaleigh to stop and take a photo together. Little did I know that he was just adjusting the camera to get it ready for Casey later on in the afternoon. After we took our group shot, it started to drizzle, so we headed toward the new academic buildings BC had constructed and walked through to see the classrooms. While in the building, Tyronne continued to snap photos of us, which we all laughed about and joked how corny it was that we were talking photos inside of an academic building.We kept looking outside to see if the rain had stopped, and when it finally did, we headed outside. I suggested that we all walk in one direction to go see the bookstore, but Tyronne, Casey and Kaleigh insisted we walk in the opposite direction to the front of the campus. As we walked towards the entrance of the school, I was of course Snap Chatting and videotaping the gorgeous entrance. At one point, I noticed that Tyronne walked in another direction towards some construction workers nearby. I kept asking Casey and Kaleigh where Tyronne was going, but they both just tried to distract me by talking about classes that we had in particular buildings. I noticed that Tyronne had given my camera to Casey at this point, so I started to get suspicious. As I see Tyronne walking towards us, some of the construction workers had stopped working, and moved their trucks from the entrance of the school.

While Tyronne was walking back, Casey suggested that we all take photos in front of the entrance, and that Tyronne and I go first. At this point, I was even more suspicious, but went with the flow anyways. When positioned ourselves to take the photo, I placed my arm around Tyronnes’ waist to get photo ready, but he removed my arm and grabbed both of my hands in his. At this point, I started to laugh nervously because I had an idea of what was coming. To be quite honest, what Tyronne said to me is still a complete blur because I was so excited and so nervous. All I remember him saying to me was that he asked for my parents and sisters blessing to marry me and they all approved.


Tyronne knew how important it was that he speak to my family, so I was elated when he told me this. He got down on one knee and pulled out a black ring box and asked me to marry him. Without hesitation I said yes! It was the most perfect proposal for me because of how much history we had at our college. And of course, he proposed to me with the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen. It was exactly what I dreamed of, so of course I was extremely excited! That night, to continue with the surprises, Tyronne planned the best dinner ever at Top Of The Hub with all of my great friends. If you haven’t heard of this restaurant, it overlooks all of Boston and have such delicious food! It was the perfect way for us to end such a beautiful day and we were able to celebrate with some great people by our side.