Brittany and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler is a doctor of physical therapy and at the time I was an NHL (Vegas Golden Knights) cheerleader! It was October 17, 2019, and I had an appearance at this hospital with our mascot and a couple of other cheerleaders! I never usually do much on this day because my father had passed away several years ago on October 17! Since I was one of the cheerleaders picked to do this event and it was for a hospital I was excited to go! There was this huge ceremony of giving an award to the hospital for excellence and I had seen Tyler standing there with the rest of the doctors and nurses etc. but he stood out to me and I remember telling myself how handsome he was.. after the ceremony I guess he felt the same way about me and came to talk to me as did the rest of his coworkers to take pictures! I knew the second I met him he was going to be mine and I met him for a reason on this day.♥️

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How They Asked

On December 13, 2020 (a little over a year of meeting) he woke me up and we went and got coffee and then went to breakfast at my two favorite places! We came home and watched a Christmas movie and snuggled for a little. He told me to go check the mail and there were three of my friends waiting outside for me to have a girls’ day!

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I was so confused but he said to go have a good day, I deserved it. He paid for us to go to brunch and get our nails done! Now I get why he got my nails done! The girls dropped me off after our little girls’ day and he had a dress waiting for me to go to dinner and a brand new bracelet that says True Love on it. He took me to my favorite Restaurant.. where we had our first fancy dinner date!

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I felt like a princess all day. After dinner, we get home and he tells me to change into this long flowy dress and then I knew for sure it was THE night! He had a limo waiting outside for us up that dropped us off at Galaxy-Luxury theaters. He rented out a movie theater!! ( If you know me I love the movies, popcorn, and a good pretzel with cheese!) A lot of my friends were outside like paparazzi taking pics and yelling for us, and we get inside and everyone in there is for us. My mom grabs our arms and walks us to a theater that has a huge balloon arch and rose petals everywhere. ( The balloon arch looked like the movie UP.. our favorite couples Disney movie).

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He had a table set up and everyone was to sit behind us. On the table, it was all Disney princess items. He had my little brother be our host and he brought over champagne and cupcakes and help with a lot. A Disney montage video was made that was all about Disney love stories! ( He has always wanted me to feel like a Disney princess.) The last part of the video was him going to my father’s grave asking for his blessing to marry me.. not a dry eye in the huge theater. That truly meant so much to me! He then got down on one knee and made me the happiest girl in the world! Then he played beauty and the beast for everyone to hang out and watch and take pictures with us! It was all I could have asked for and more🥰

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Special Thanks

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