Brittany and Tyler

How We Met

Tyler and I met on a blind date through mutual friends on May 8th, 2015. We went to Red River a two stepping joint down here where we live and he literally swept me off my feet. Tyler is a firefighter so we didn’t get to see each other everyday or ever other day but we made it work and I knew he was special. July 1st, 2015 we finally decided to be official even though we already were together we put a label on us. Shortly after that he had to move down closer to his station so he could go to paramedic school.

It was about an hour and half drive to see each other and we would spend weekends together when he wasn’t busy studying for tests. Long distance never hurt us but made us enjoy and appreciate each other when we had the chance to. Finally after about a year of long distance he moved closer to me! It was great to be able to see him on his off days and have dates like when we first started dating. Everything was going great and how it should have been this whole time of long distance.

how they asked

About a week earlier one of my best friends mentioned to me that we needed to go on a double date because she wanted to get some cute pictures of her and her boyfriend. She suggested the Dallas Arboretum because there were tons of great areas for pictures! I of course loved the idea because I will never turn down a opportunity for a good picture with Tyler. Finally on September 3rd, 2017 we went to the arboretum and it was such a pretty day! We started taking pictures and wondering along taking in the sites. Everyone was so focused on finding a certain spot to see and I didn’t understand why we just could throw the map away and let our feet take us where ever! We found this cute area under a big tree with a cute little bench under it.

I told my friend and her boyfriend to get up there so I can take a picture of them but she was very persistent on Tyler and I to go first. We walked up the stairs to the bench as we took some pictures, after we were done I started gather by things I hid behind Tyler and when I looked back to him he was on one knee with a gorgeous ring asking me to marry him! During that time he was asking me all my friend jumped out of nowhere and surprised me!

Turns out they have been following us for sometime now waiting for Tyler to ask me! I said YES of course! It was the best day of my life and I can’t wait to spend my life with Tyler and to be his wife soon!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Dallas Arboretum

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