Brittany and Travis

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How We Met

Travis and I met in college and he immediately won me over with his charm and old fashioned ways. Being the gentleman he is, Travis planned weekly Friday night dates that ranged from seeing plays at the Guthrie theater to learning how to make our own sushi rolls. During our dates together, I learned about his upbringing on a farm in a small Iowa town, his move to Minneapolis, and his personal and professional goals. I shared my love of animals, how important my family is to me, and my plans for internships and post graduation life.

One special night we went to dinner which was followed by a horse-drawn carriage ride over the historic Stone Arch Bridge. Afterwards, he drove us up to a beautiful old tower in Saint Paul that I had grown up calling the “Rapunzel Tower” and asked me to be his girlfriend. Two and a half years together and one furry kitty adoption later, the big ask occurred.

how they asked

Travis picked me up in a black Cadillac and took me to a blow bar to get my hair done. After getting pampered, we headed downtown to our favorite happy hour spot, The Prohibition, on the 27th floor of the W Hotel. My favorite item on the menu is their grilled cheese which we shared–paired perfectly with chardonnay of course. Unknown to me, Travis had coordinated with my very best friends from 3 different states to all come to Minneapolis that weekend and at that moment, they were preparing the proposal scene.

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Back in the car, Travis instructed for me to put on a blindfold. I was crying with excitement and anticipation because I hoped that tonight would be the night I would be able to say “yes” to forever with the man I loved. We parked and with all my trust in Travis, he led me blindfolded up the path.

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When I took off the blindfold, I recognized the scenic overview of downtown Minneapolis as the same “Rapunzel Tower” location that Travis had asked me to be his girlfriend 2 years previously. Only this time I saw MARRY ME in light up marquee letters, rose petals, lanterns, and candles surrounding Travis who was holding a ring box.

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As the sun set over downtown Minneapolis, Travis got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me, valued our relationship, and hoped for our future. He asked if I would marry him and, crying, I said yes, absolutely.

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But the surprises weren’t over. Travis pointed to his left and from around the side of the tower, I saw my very best friend running towards me, crying as much as I was.

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I got to show off the new rock and, of course, have them help me fix my makeup before more photos happened.

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I then met our photographer, Janelle, where no introductions were necessary. I had been following her engagement and wedding work for months and dreamed of having her fly in to capture our proposal.

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We spent the next hour in just-engaged bliss working with Janelle who captured our love, excitement, and happiness.

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We enjoyed the ride back listening to a custom playlist created by one of our friends that spanned the decades from “Why Not” by Hillary Duff, “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith, and “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles. At home, I found the pathway light up with candles and rose petals. We opened the door to all our friends and my parents for an after-proposal engagement party. We enjoyed champagne toasts, my favorite dessert, and many happy wishes throughout the night.

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Special Thanks

Janelle Elise Photography
 | Photographer