Brittany and Tony

how we met

When we first met it was way back when flirting was playing the game of bump (basketball game) during recess. We were acquaintances for many years. Not until after high school was when our story truly began. We started to see one another casually throughout the years. Brittany realized her time in the small town was up so she decided to venture out and embark on new adventures. I (Anthony) decided that the working life was his path to stay grounded. 6 years later Brittany moved to Edmonton where the universe knew it needed her to be. Low and behold at a Christmas Mile there stood Santa Claus with beer and a smile. With a sack full of candy and a cheerful hello Brittany knew it was her man. From that night on we didn’t spend much time apart because at the end of the day we knew we had each other’s heart. (cheesy but true)

how they asked

Sunday November 4th, 2018. Cleaning the house on Sunday morning before Brittany had to work at 3. Her father and stepmom were on their way to the house around 11. I was getting shaky while eating a sandwich at 10:20 am. Brittany relaxing on the couch at 10:30 until she heard a loud yell from the bedroom. “BRITTANY, COME CLEAN UP THIS PILE OF CLOTHES IN THE BEDROOM!” Brittany happily ran to the room and with her surprise there I was on one knee with his hands both shaking asking, “Britt will you marry me?” Brittany was so taken aback that she got down on her knees and said “are you kidding!? OF COURSE I WILL” Wiping away each others tears we were so happy. At 10:31am we were officially engaged.

Special Thanks

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