Brittany and Timothy

Image 1 of Brittany and TimothyHow We Met: It was my freshman year of college when this broken, unfulfilled, unhappy girl decided to give God a shot at fixing all the brokenness inside of me. I started attending the most life giving church, where one Sunday this dark headed, stud of a man, asked me to sit with him and his friends, since I had shown up by myself! Sparks didn’t fly that day, but the seed had been planted. He was different then what I wad use to. Not flirtatious, with anyone! Served God with every fiber of his being. Genuine. Honorable. Someone I never thought would look twice my way! Fast forward to an Alabama tailgate several weeks later, and it began. His way of flirting.. Throwing a hotdog at me, thus starting an all out food war amongst our friends. Somewhere between the brownies and chips and pickles flying through the air, it was almost as if we were the only two people on the quad that night. It wasn’t smooth sailing after that though, and it definitely wasn’t perfect, but Christ was truly at the center, and boy was it worth it.

how they asked: So let me set the scene.. We were both home from school for Thanksgiving break. He was from Trussville and I was from Hoover, so we had planned on getting as much time in with both families, separate and together, as possible. (Keep in mind, family is a HUGE thing to us!) So, the day before Thanksgiving we had dinner with my side of the family, and on Thanksgiving day, we had it with his side. With the iron bowl that weekend, we planned on going back to Tuscaloosa to beat the crazy traffic. When we left his mom’s house, he mentioned he had somewhere he wanted to take me – somewhere he’d wanted to take me since we started dating, but never felt the time was right. I immediately got that lump in the throat gut feeling, and sure enough, we pulled up to his dad’s grave site. His sweet daddy passed away from lung cancer when Bubba was only 17, and it was always the quiet unspokenness between us about how much I wished I could have met him. We spent the next little while huddled under his jacked as the rain, mixed with tears, started falling down as we laughed and shared an incredible moment together. We hopped back in the car and headed back on to my parents! (You thought he was going to drop a knee then, right?! Haha)

So, as we pulled up to my parents to get my stuff and say our goodbyes, he pulled out a blind fold and said my parents told him that he was to put this on me and walk me in, for a gift they had gotten me for Christmas had come in early, so they were going to go ahead and give it to me. Truly clueless, I just went along with it thinking, did they get me a car or something so big that they couldn’t hide it for a couple more weeks?! My dad met us at the door and he started telling me how much he loved me, was proud of me, and that no matter what, I’d always be his little girl. My giddy, anxious and excited mood quickly shifted, as I felt the full weight of what I now sensed was about to happen. My mom mumbled behind the happiest of tears how much she loved me as well, and slowly my dad started walking me through out house. Through the blindfold I could see camera flashes, and hear the quiet excited whispers of people around me. We stopped, the blindfold came off, and at the end of a candle lit isle stood my man.

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With the biggest, cheesiest, sweetest grin on his face, hands shaking, and with tears flowing from the both of us, he promised me the most heart-felt promises, then dropped a knee. An uproar of cheers and clapping and shouting came from all around us, and for the first time I realized we weren’t alone!

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ALL of our family was crowded around, taking in every second of that moment with us, just as Bubba wanted! I couldn’t believe it. It was the first time I have ever been genuinely surprised in my life, and It. Was. Perfect.

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