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How We Met

Me and Steven are high school sweethearts. We met in our tenth grade biology class. We had went to middle school together, but this was the first time we had ever really talked, which was odd because we went to a very, very small school. There was connection immediately between the two of us, the little teenage flirting began, and there might have been a time where I spritzed perfume in his eye BY ACCIDENT, that he refuses to let go of to this day. He was still interested though. Our first date, I had to drive because he hadn’t gotten his license yet, so we went to Dairy Queen and to the movies to see ‘The Vow’. Our first kiss was in the rain after our second date. That should have shown me right there that he was the one.

But time never seemed to be on our side. Not this time in tenth grade when he just got out of a relationship, and not our junior year when we tried again, BUT someone wanted to be single with his buddies, so he broke up with me. Don’t worry he still kicks himself over that. Then came senior year, when he tried for the third time, this time I hated his guts to say it nicely. He tried to text me, and I would ignore every time. Until my birthday came around, and I finally texted him back to say thank you when he sent a birthday text. It was as if nothing changed, but I made sure to tell him he was going to have to work hard this time, to gain my trust back. It had been a rough time in my life in the months before, so it was hard for me to trust anyone. He was able and willing, and after a long two months he finally asked me to be his girlfriend January, 25th 2014. It was started up all over again, and this time it worked. Here we are a month until our four year anniversary.

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how they asked

I knew this was the man I wanted to marry. I knew it from the beginning and we talked about marriage constantly, so I knew it was something he wanted. I told my girlfriends that I had a feeling he was going to propose over Christmas. I was about to be on winter break from my university so it would have been the perfect time. He had tipped me off when he randomly asked where should we go on a trip back in October, which was unusual. I was dead set on the idea he was going to ask and soon. Then, about a week later, I talked myself completely out of it. I figured he would wait at least til next summer when I had my job, and he was placed at a fire department.

December then came along, and I still had put the thought of him proposing out of mind because I didn’t want to get my hopes up. When it would happen, it would be the best moment and I had that to look foward too. My best friend Allison, and my two little sisters in my sorority, Brittani and Mariah had sent a text in our group message about us going to McAdenville, also known as Christmas Town USA to take a stress reliever since finals just started. I loved McAdenville, and Steven had surprised me on a trip there two years ago. They had mentioned about us bringing our boyfriends with us, and our dogs so we could take cute family pictures. So the three of them brought their boyfriends, and their dogs, and me and Steven brought our puppy we just rescued that summer, Huxley. My sister needed a cute picture of the three of us for a present she was getting me, so I thought nothing of it and thought it was the perfect opportunity. One of my little sisters, Brittani, said that she would bring her professional camera to take good pictures of everyone. I tried to talk her out of it cause I would have hated her to carry it around with her the entire walk.

All the while oblivious me who had been waiting for a proposal for months was not picking up any of the signs. Steven was planning out everything. He had asked for my dads blessing back in August, and had been getting my best fiends help since September, which I can’t believe she hid it from me that long, and had the ring since October. He had THEM suggest the idea of McAdenville so it wouldn’t seem obvious if he was to have brought up the idea. He had us bring the dogs, to make it more of a distraction so I wouldn’t pick up on anything. And Brittani was bringing her camera to take pictures when it happened. Again, didn’t pick up on any of it. Oh, and my nails had just been done because Mariah had just had her birthday and we got them done. They were all conspiring and I didn’t catch onto any of it! I had said I wanted to walk through Christmas Town this year instead of ride through it like other times, again this was already part of the plan so it worked out in his favor that it was “my idea”.

We walked for awhile and we were trying to find a pretty place to take pictures. There is a huge pond that is in the middle of the town, and around it is surrounded by decorated Christmas trees. I mentioned about it being a perfect spot. The three other couples took their pictures first with the dogs, and I was just getting Huxley ready to take them, while Steven was next to me freaking out about the fact he was going to propose. It was our turn and we stood in front of the tree, while Mariah held treats to get Huxley to sit down and stay still for the picture. It didn’t hit me until after that all of them had their cameras out, including my best friend Allison as she recorded. We were posing for pictures and all of a sudden he got down on one knee. It was happening and it took me forever to finally react to what was happening. I even asked him if he was serious, at least two times. The one moment I didn’t suspect anything, was when it finally happened, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way…

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