Brittany and Steve

IMG_1808A little background first… My girlfriend and I have been together for about 2 years. We love to travel and see new things and we love to ski! We went to middle school and part of high school together and were never really friends but after being apart for a number of years after school, something drew us together. We started to catch up and met a couple times for dinner. We clicked immediately and after that we became inseparable. We both lost our fathers in 2009 (Mine to cancer & hers to heart disease). She also lost her brother the same year and I lost my mother as a child. I believe having events like this in common with another person, along with a lot of others things, creates an unbreakable bond. We have become inseparable and we also understand each other’s happiness and also pain. Together we have been able to make the best of everything that we come across and find ways to deal with everything as a team.

The proposal… I have been skiing at Killington in Vermont since I was a little kid with my father so it has always been a special place to me. Since we’ve been together my fiancé and I have skied a bunch of times there and had a blast every time. Since I was already ready to propose to my wonderful girlfriend, I figured I would use a familiar trip to my advantage and do it when she least expected it. After having a trip planned for the end of April, which is always a crap shoot with the weather and skiing conditions, I was uncertain if we would even be able to ski. When we arrived I was going back and forth on where and when I would propose. I figured since it was going to rain I would just do it at our condo the first night. Not feeling the time was right, I decided to wait and see what the weather would bring the next day. When we woke up it was snowing and the forecast was partially sunny for the rest of the day after the early morning! After a nerve racking couple of hours skiing with the ring on me and wondering how I was going to pull this off I finally worked up enough courage to get it done (with the help of a quick beer at the base lodge before heading up to the peak). On our next & third run of the day I was able to ski ahead of her off of the gondola and ask someone to take pictures for me before she got down around the bend. She skied right into my set up it couldn’t have worked out any better.


Wedding Proposal Ideas in Killington, VT


The view was incredible and so was the timing. So with the help of a few angels above I was able to pull off an awesome proposal which exceeded my own expectations. It was truly and unbelievable experience.

P.S. She said yes!