Brittany and Shane


How We Met

I met Shane back in Elementary school. We were always around each other, and hung out with the same cliques.  We were ALWAYS friends but never seemed to be more than that… or was there? Our “First Kiss” was around 12, when I was hanging out with one of my friends and he was the “boy down the road” I would hangout with her to hangout with him, typical “puppy love.” Years passed, roads we were on, and choices had kinda distanced us but we NEVER lost touch. He has always been around, throughout my entire life. At the age of 17 we both realized this was MORE than a “friendship” and we had to see where this path lead us.

how they asked

Here we are, 5 YEARS into our beautiful relationship. It was May 1st, and we were down in Tennessee to celebrate our 5th year anniversary of “boyfriend and girlfriend.” Shane had planned this getaway for our anniversary and of course I was just happy to be with him. He ended up surprising me with professional pictures getting taken (Must I add I had been wanting our photos done in the mountains FOR A WHILE.) so of course we get dolled up ready for these photos. Shane started not feeling good a few hours prior (little did I know it was fully his nerves, poor guy) When we finally got to the location of the photos, I was EXCITED it was SUCH a beautiful area, with a covered bridge, mountain views, everything you could imagine.


We start taking some photos (at this point i’m still under the impression these are just anniversary photos) so we get to the end of our shoot, and the photographer ask me to walk away so she can “adjust her contrast, etc for this next shoot” so I walk away, little do I know whenever I turn back around….


Shane would be there and he would start saying some of the sweetest things you could imagine. At this point, I felt like time had been frozen just for us… and of course I’m secretly FREAKING OUT! The next thing I know, he was down on one knee, must I add I was SO blown away I only recall a few words he even said before I blurted out… YES!





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