Brittany and Sean

How We Met: We met in December of 2010 when attending University of South Florida. On this day, I was moving home for winter break with the help of my mom. My mom was loading up the car and I was packing inside. About 10 minutes went by when I noticed she hasn’t been inside to grab the last of the bags so I went outside to check on her. She was standing there talking to some of the residents of my apartment complex. If anyone knows my mom, this would not come as a surprise to you.

As I was coming back outside to load the last box, my mom introduced me to a guy named Sean.  As we were wrapping up our awkward introduction by my mom, a blazing fire started at our apartment complex. As fire trucks started arriving, they blocked all three of our cars in. We all knew we weren’t going anywhere for a while so we sat down and started talking. Conversation was so easy between us. At the end of our 3 hour conversation, we knew each other’s life stories.

As we hugged and said goodbye, I realized he didn’t ask for my number. Without thinking twice about it, I asked for his. We both made it clear we weren’t looking for a relationship since we both just recently got out of a long term relationship. We were simply just looking for a friendship.

Over the next 6 months, we became the best of friends. We probably learned too much about each other since we were “never” going to date.  We saw each other going on dates, and give interest in other people when we went, but we always ended up together after every night.

After a while, we couldn’t deny our attraction. On June 11, 2011, when we decided to make it official.


how they asked:  After a few drinks, we discussed getting a horse drawn carriage, so we set out to find the perfect one. On our way, we ran into  Ivan with Central Park Airline pedicab service. Ivan’s personality and passion for life was beaming! You could really tell he loved what he did and took a passion for Central Park’s history. We immediately forgot about the carriage and jumped on the pedicab. Ivan stopped and got me hot chocolate, shared his passion for photography and history. It was the best experience (even in 30 degree weather)!

Our last stop was the Bow Bridge in Central Park, the most romantic bridge in NYC.

Coincidentally this was Ivan’s favorite spot to photograph. He insisted on taking lots of pictures of us at this location. Being the girly girl I am, I was so excited to get a good picture of Sean and I. We took pictures in many different spots before Ivan insisted on us jumping over the fence to get the “perfect picture.”  After what I thought was our last photo, I started walking away, and Sean grabbed to stop me. He said, “can we get one more?” This was a complete shock to me because Sean hates photos. As I go to smile one last time, he grabs my hand and says “Brittany.” I turn to him and his eyes filled up with tears. At that moment, I quickly registered what was about to happen. The first thing I could think to say was, “Are you serious???” and  of course “YES!!”

As we were walking to back to go to dinner, it started snowing. To say this day was the best day of my life is really an understatement.