Brittany and Santiago

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How we met: After moving to San Diego, CA to cheer at SDSU, I was set on my ways with just living life for myself. I started working at a restaurant as a waitress to help pay my way through school. Kyle was a waiter there before me and ended up being my trainer. I could tell there was chemistry from theImage 1 of Brittany and Santiagobeginning but we never really got to the point of making plans to see each other after work. That was until one night that I decided to dress up and head to the restaurant with a friend of mine for dinner
knowing he would be working. After seeing me, he quickly realized he wanted to take me on a date right then and there. I’d like to think I was the initial starter of our relationship but he thinks otherwise..

Shortly after our relationship started, we got pregnant with a beautiful baby boy. Kaden just had his third birthday and looks just like his daddy! Life takes you into some very unexpected turns but I believe the turns I’ve taken have been the best ones! I’m so lucky to have both my boys forever!

how they asked: It was our four year anniversary. We decided to head to San Francisco for the day to celebrate. After visiting Alcatraz for the first time, he said he wanted to sight see a bit so, we headed to Marin Headlands (the most breathtaking views I’ve ever seen) just pass the Golden Gate Bridge. After surprising me with what I thought was a picnic, he asked if I would open the backpack of goodies he brought and start pulling out some of the food.

The first thing I see when I open it is my most favorite flowers. Right as I turned around to thank him, he was already down on one knee.

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