Brittany and Ryan

how they asked: Ryan and I went on vacation to Colorado Springs for a week. The entire vacation he took videos of our adventures and said they were “memory videos”. Little did I know, those videos were leading up to the proposal. We stayed in Estes Park, CO our last night of our vacation and the next morning we went to the Rocky Mountain National Forest. We walked around Sprauge Lake and we stopped at a beautiful area to take pictures of the mountains.

I turned around and Ryan was taking a video of me, asking me what my favorite part of vacation was. I started to get nervous because a few family members that were with us were staring at me while I answered. I started to realize what was happening and then he said “I have one last question for you,” got down on one knee and took out the ring.

Image 3 of Brittany and Ryan

I was so excited and shocked! It was a beautiful setting and the moment was shared with my cousin and her wonderful family.

Image 4 of Brittany and Ryan
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