Brittany and Ronald

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How We Met

I met Ron in March of 2015…on Tinder. Really, this whole section could be summed up with #swiperight but I promise it’s more romantic than that.

I was recently single, looking to meet some new people (but absolutely not get into a relationship) and was instantly drawn to Ron’s profile because of a cute picture of him with a dog. Upon further research, I saw that his smile and almond shaped eyes were adorable and not only did I swipe right, but I messaged him first with a “Hey :)” as soon as we matched. Ron, a hopeless romantic and way more traditional than me, was caught off guard by my forwardness but said he was instantly interested, so he went with it.

We talked for a few days via text and made plans to grab coffee that Saturday night. However, come Saturday, I was just not in the mood for a first date and came very close to bailing. Ron is forever thankful that his future mother in law told me to “stop being a brat and just go on a date with that nice boy from your phone”. I am forever thankful that my mom insisted on me changing out of a sweatshirt before I left the house into something slightly more attractive.

We spent our first date at Starbucks in Port Jefferson, NY. Ron didn’t get scared away when I went on a rant about social justice issues and I (barely) judged him for spilling his hot chocolate all over himself. We talked about our jobs, school, families, and lamented, in the most romantic way possible, about how awful it was having a patient with C. Diff (Ron was working at a nursing home and I was interning at a hospital at the time).

Towards the end of the date, we sat on a bench overlooking the water and shared some more laughs and our first kiss(es).

My phone died on my way home and when it turned back on I had about 4 texts from Ron saying what a good time he had. He was hooked.

That night, I went to some local bars with my best friend and future bridesmaid, who was happy Brittany was finally single and 21. I spent the whole night texting Ron and stalking his social media accounts. I was hooked too.

We saw each other every single day for about two weeks straight after that first date. When I was in an altered state of mind from being on pain killers from my wisdom tooth surgery, Ron asked me to be his girlfriend. Although I claim it was under false pretenses, I haven’t looked back since.

the love story

We spent our first few months dating going for long walks in Avalon Park, singing in the car together, and introducing me to Ron’s very very large family. We celebrated my undergraduate graduation, my sister’s wedding and Ron’s great grandmother’s 102nd birthday. We went to our first concert together, Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake, our first vacation, a night in Montauk, and had our first fight (I yelled at Ron for forcing me to take medicine when I was sick, a reoccurring argument we still have to this day).

Unfortunately, I had decided to attend graduate school in Michigan only a week before meeting Ron. So, our fun times had an expiration date. However, there was never a doubt that we wouldn’t stay together during this year apart. Instead, we spent the 11 months flying back and forth from DTW to LGA (and one horrendous greyhound ride). I made a Google Doc with packing lists and itineraries for our visits, Ron sent me cookies and flowers when I was sad and we went old school sending letters back and forth to each other.

When I was back in NY, we ate NY pizza and watched sunsets at Short Beach. When Ron visited Michigan, we hiked the Arboretum, drank sangria at Dominick’s, and explored Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Despite the distance, we both knew that this was just the beginning of our life together. In the summer of 2016, we both graduated with our master’s degrees. When I was offered a job in Boston, Ron graciously agreed to move with me (with the caveat that he would never be a Red Sox or Patriots fan).

In September 2016, we started our new journey together in our “penthouse” (aka 5 floor walkup) apartment. We enjoy coffee, podcasts, Law and Order, crosswords, and making fun of each other. Despite both claiming to not be cat people, and Ron’s allergy, we are madly in love with our adopted 5 year old tabby cat, Bernard.

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how they asked

We were on a much-anticipated vacation to Mexico in October 2017 to celebrate my 24th birthday and take some much-needed time off. On our first full day at the resort we drank plenty of pina coladas, had a wonderful couples massage and got ready for a romantic dinner at an Italian restaurant. Ron suggested we get a drink down near the water before dinner but I, as usual, was taking forever to get ready, which wasn’t helping his nerves at all. When we were walking down to the beach, I has a quick thought that maybe tonight was the night but Ron was acting completely normal so I pushed that thought out of my head. I walked us over to my favorite spot on the beach near the pier and just as the sun was setting and romance was at its peak Ron turned to me and said…. “I’ll be right back I have to pee.” OK, now I really knew tonight was not the night. When Ron returned I blabbered on about how great today was and if we could go eat now and proceeded to talk/whine about how hungry I was. Then, Ron turned to me and said, we can go eat I just want to do one thing first. I started crying even before Ron dropped to one knee and proceeded to interrupt his beautiful speech with a bunch of “oh my god”, “are you sure, I’m really annoying” and other statements of disbelief. After I ugly cried, said “YES”, and slipped the ring on my finger, Ron pointed out a stranger who had been snapping photos the whole time. Ron had gone to find someone to capture the moment when I thought he was in the bathroom. We never got the mans name but refer to him as “Edwin, the English guy who witness the best moment of our lives”.

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