Brittany and Robert

how we met

We met in our 10th grade English Honors class in high school. We had crushes on each other for years before we acted on it though!

how they asked

Rob: I had been planning the proposal for about six months. At that point, it really was more about finding a ring than anything else. My Aunt Donna was very gracious and when she offered me her ring, I asked Breezy as subtly as I could; which wasn’t really, how she would feel about an heirloom instead of a new ring. I had discussed various proposals with friends and family; some more complicated than others, and finally went with my dad’s suggestion: Just ask her. After the proposal, we looked at each other and said: What does one do after a proposal? Pancakes? Pancakes sound good! And off to IHOP, we went! Breezy: Oh my gosh he was so cute. He came back from visiting his Aunt on a Saturday and that ring was burning a hole in his pocket. People get worried about having to ask the bride’s father for permission or a blessing right? He had to ask all three sets of my parents! Six different people! I drove us to the park where he proposed and noticed he was sitting rather oddly, and I asked if he was okay; he just shifted in his seat and said he was fine. We got to the park and we made it passed the welcome sign, but just barely before he started saying all these super sweet things that neither of us can remember before throwing aside the water bottle he was carrying, starting to go down on one knee, getting up again because he couldn’t get the ring out, started to go down again but stayed in a hover because it was incredibly muddy (I was trying not to laugh) and finally asking me to marry him. I love this man. Rob: It worked in the end! She said yes!

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