Brittany and Richard

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How We Met

So just like most modern day couples, we had both resorted to online dating. We were also at our wits end with the people we had been meeting, until we found each other. His lengthy profile that went into deep description of who he was showed promise. We talked for a day or two and had to meet. Starbucks was the first date, I was early and he was late. Him, working two jobs with a 4 year old, I understood. He was mad I bought my own drink but let it go after a bit. It was only about 15 minutes and he had to go, it was 9 pm and he was needing to go get his son. We had a great big hug and smile, I headed home(we met half way) and I just expected him (like everyone who seemed to good to be true) to not talk to me again. To my surprise he messaged me only a few minutes later, how even with it being a short date he couldn’t wait for a 2nd and hoped I felt the same way. After that we talked constantly. I only got the chance to see him twice in the first 1 1/2 months we were dating. He went on vacation and we made it official.

how they asked

A little more than a year from when we met, we went on vacation to a video game convention (we are a couple of big nerds). We made costumes and went about the convention just like everyone else. Richard insisted that he bring his friend along with us, I honestly had no idea why and was wanting to go alone. At the convention all of the people who dressed up in costume got together and took pictures. There were big group photos, game specific photos, and singles. Richard wanted to get a picture of us in front of the “Blizzcon” sign and waterfall in front of the convention. As we got in position for the picture, a random photographer wanted to get a scene of us fighting each other (i had never done this before). This whole time that the he had interrupted our picture, little did I know his friend was recording.

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After the stranger got his video, we proceeded to get in place for a picture. As we are getting ready, I noticed that Richard wasn’t in place and I looked over to yell at him to hurry up. That moment is when I saw him, one knee on the ground, asking me to marry him. I couldn’t believe my best friend had just asked me to marry him, finally. Now we have set out date for March 10, 2018 for a comic book wedding of a life time!

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