Brittany and Richard

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At Blizzcon 2016, a video convention we go to yearly.

How We Met

We met on a dating website. He reached out to me and after reading his dating profile I was skeptical. He seemed too good to be true and there was one part that had me nervous. He was a fitness loving, video game playing, superhero acting guy it was perfect. He had a son, this is the part that scared me. I never talked or even tried to date a guy with a kid. It terrified me. What if the kid doesn’t like me? Well, we met up at a Starbucks. He was late and mad at me for buying my own tea. He had to make the date short to go pick up his son from daycare before they closed, I thought that was code for a bad date. Well not even 5 minutes after we split ways I got a long paragraph message from him of how he liked me and wanted a second date. Second turned into third, third turned into me meeting his son, who loved me(phew). He supported me through my first bikini competition. About 6 months in we discussed moving in together at 1 year, we lived 2 hours apart and our schedules were completely opposite and it was hard to spend time with each other.

how they asked

After a little over a year together, living together for about 2 months he shared his biggest passion and vacation with me, a video game convention. We made our own costumes, packed up and headed to Anaheim. We spent the whole first day walking around in costumes, taking pictures and checking out all of the exhibits.

Brittany and Richard's Engagement in At Blizzcon 2016, a video convention we go to yearly.

About 3 pm they get all the people in costume to take a picture together, so we took part in that. They assemble the group in front of the convention center at the fountain. It makes for a beautiful picture. Well after the group pictures were done we decided to get a couple of our own in front of the fountain. We were posing and doing different things for the pictures.

I notice he’s messing around and not posing, I look over and he is down on 1 knee proposing to me. I said yes of course and it was caught on live stream by multiple media outlets there that day. It was an amazing feeling. We went back to the hotel, changed into normal clothes and then headed out to party and show off my new bling.

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