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It started nearly a year and a half ago. You know how when you come out of a bad relationship your friends have the annoying habit of pressuring you to date. Well in Rashaad and I’s case it worked out. My friends set up a tinder profile for me and essentially catfished Rashaad for two weeks. Finally, they set up a date at chipotle which just so happens to be our favorite restaurant. August 12,2017 changed our lives. The thing we fought for so long has brought more happiness then we could imagine. Now, as far as the proposal goes I knew about it from jump. Rashaad is terrible at keeping secrets but I let him run around like a chicken with its head cut off because obviously, it was important to him. The thing that led to him proposing was actually an argument after attending a family function. You know relatives have a bad habit of rushing a happy couple. My family actually sparked the inevitable conversation of where do you see this going? Talk about an awkward car ride. Fast forward to September 29,2018 the day before my bday and he decided to propose. Because I knew about my proposal I actually flew his brother from Texas because I knew how much Rashaad needed his brother and his best friend there. Rashaad managed to get all of my sorority sisters, best friends, and got my parents blessing a task that literally takes an act of God. Now while my potty mouth friends may have made sure we can’t post the video anywhere it reminds me that risk-taking can be a good thing. I am forever thankful for those who forced us to try again. #NewlyNelson coming May 16,2020.

So for starters Rashaad is terrible with secrets. I figured out my proposal at least a week before. It all started with an argument. You know when you bring your significant other around family events everyone wants to know what’s next for the happy couple. What started out as a joke led to a more serious conversation turned argument. After that I got rid of anything related to our future : Pinterest boards, ring photos, houses on realtor you name it. I wasn’t about to deal with any man who wouldn’t commit. I guess Rashaad realized the shift in energy beverages he made a “grand ” gesture. My birthday was coming up I asked for dinner and drinks with friends nothing crazy. What did he do ? Plan the best surprise party ever. He sent me out with friends who felt bottomless mimosas were the way to go for distractions. While he and his brother went and picked the ring out. Later that night he popped the question

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