"Martin"-Inspired Proposal

How We Met: We are both from the Carolinas but our paths happened to cross in the Nation’s capital, Washington, DC in 2013. Na’Im is a co-founder of a networking group for young professionals called Dialogue DC. Dialogue DC meets up once a month throughout the District. I happened to attend in February 2013. Na’Im greeted me with a smile, I thought nothing else of it. As the event continued, we found ourselves talking and laughing longer than expected. We exchanged information and kept in touch here and there. A month later, we planned to meet for dinner and drinks. It was the BEST Mexican cuisine and Bottomless Sangria EVER! I will always believe that Na’Im won me over with his smoothness and his love for good food! That was our first date and now we are Happily Ever “Moses”.

how they asked: It was New Year’s Eve and we were preparing to go out for a night of fun. Before meeting up with a few friends later in the evening the plan was to enjoy a nice dinner at a local restaurant, but Na’Im obviously had other plans that he didn’t include me in on! As we were headed to the restaurant, or so I thought, we made a quick detour to City Center DC. During this time of the year, City Center is decorated for the holiday season, so it was exceptionally beautiful. We get out the car and he lead me over to the decorated area and he asks me if I wanted to take some pictures by the tree – although it was cold, we were dressed to the nines, so I obliged. After he took the first picture of me, he began telling me how much he loved me and how happy I make him, and then the proposal I could only dream of began. He recreated the proposal from one of our all-time favorite television shows, Martin, and had our friends and family play important roles. He had them present me with a dozen long stem white calla lilies, a bottle of champagne and then finally a “ring”! He even had a friend serenade me with John Legend’s “You and I”! After all the presentations were made he got down on one knee, pulled out the real ring and asked me to be his wife! I, of course, said YES! And the rest is history!

Photographer: Natarsha Wright
Videographer: Frame Works Film Group