Brittany and Mitchell

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How We Met

Mitchell and I met in high school back in 2010, I was in gym class and I always stared at him since we had gym the same time. He was in grade 11, and I was grade 9, I didn’t think I would ever have a shot at him. He had a girlfriend for a few months and then they broke up. I had added him on Facebook previously, so I figured I would write on his wall, I wrote out “Mitchell, hey what’s up?” And he commented back saying “Brittany, not much what about you” he ended up writing a status saying that he was bored and left his number so someone could text him. I ended up texting him and it’s history from there. Later on, I asked him if anyone else texted him, he said he didn’t want to be too forward and ask for my number, so he wrote a status hoping I would see it.

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how they asked

Fast forward 7 and a half years and here we are. I adore sloths, and there is a place that takes care of animals, birds, and reptiles and they had a sloth and they were coming to our hometown. I work at a plant so I was on night shifts that weekend. Almost his whole family came to the show and the man hosting said that they were going to bring out the baby sloth and wanted someone to hold it. His family continued to point to me and the man insisted I come up since everyone was pointing at me to. I instantly started crying while I was sitting waiting for the sloth to come out. The man had asked Mitchell to come up with me and share the moment. The man asked me if I knew the name of the sloth, and I said no. He said there was a tag on him and his name was on it. I look at the name and it said “marry me” on it. I started crying even more. And we are planning our wedding for June 2019!

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