Brittany and Michael

How We Met

Michael and I met on Saint Patrick’s Day (must have been the luck of the Irish!) our Sophomore year at Gonzaga University in 2010. We had a ton of mutual friends so it was only a matter of time until we met. We spent the whole night walking around campus getting to know each other and it is my all-time favorite college memory. Michael even tried to impress me by doing a back-handspring, but got too nervous and fell flat on his back (don’t worry he was perfectly fine!). To this day I’m so glad he didn’t land that perfectly because I giggled the whole night whenever the thought popped in my head, and it still does! When he walked me to my dorm that night, he kissed me on the forehead and I walked into my room kind of in a daze because I knew he was different from the rest. A couple days later, he asked me to go to dinner with his friend from home who was visiting Spokane. I wasn’t sure why he was inviting me because we had just met and I wasn’t sure why he wanted me to meet his friend….I didn’t know what to say! I told him I would let him know later that day, but to my luck the friend “canceled” and he asked if we still wanted to go to dinner anyways. Pretty smooth if you ask me! ;) We went to our favorite spot and it was the most perfect first date. He became my best friend and boyfriend the rest of college and we even lived next door to each other our Senior year!

Image 1 of Brittany and Michael

This picture was taken the night we met and I love it every time I look at it!

After we graduated, I decided to move back home to San Diego, and Michael said we would come with me. He didn’t even seem to think twice about it and I still can’t believe I got so lucky!

how they asked

At Gonzaga, college basketball pretty much consumes our life. We spend the night in tents waiting in line for tickets and seats (usually in below freezing weather) and attend every game we can. Going to games throughout college was Michael and I’s favorite thing to do! Almost 4 years after we have graduated and Michael and I still make sure to never miss a game. Michael’s sister Annie is a senior at Gonzaga this year and we were going up to meet Annie and Michael’s parents for a homecoming weekend. I was so excited to be going back because I hadn’t been in a while and it is one of my favorite places on this planet! I had a little feeling that Michael might be proposing that weekend, so I had a million butterflies in my stomach. Michael played it off so well which was nice because it kept me calm as well (kinda)! The day after we arrived, we didn’t have any plans which made the day drag on. Michael was on his phone the whole day being a little sneaky so that brought on another million butterflies in my stomach. 5:00 rolled along and I was convinced he was doing it the next day. We went to a reception that Gonzaga was hosting and I was just wishing Michael would drop to his knee right then and there to get it over with because my stomach couldn’t take much longer! Around 7:00 he said something to Travis, Annie’s boyfriend, and I couldn’t catch what he said. I asked him about it and he casually said “Oh, Travis got a couple basketball players to give us a tour of the basketball arena at 7:30”. My heart skipped maybe 300 beats and I tried to play it cool but I’m pretty sure the look on my face said it all and needless to say that was the longest half hour of my life! 7:30 finally rolled around and it was time to walk over to the infamous McCarthy Center. Annie and Travis and their friend from the team led us in and started taking some pictures on center court. It was finally our turn to take pictures and after a couple Michael turned to me and simply said “you know what’s about to happen?”.

Image 2 of Brittany and Michael

My eyes teared up and all I could do was start giggling and nodding my head…pretty sure I looked a little crazy, haha! He dropped down to his knee and told me the sweetest things. Then he just couldn’t wait to ask me if I knew if it was going to happen that day…if I knew it was going to happen center court…eventually I told him we could talk about those things later because he was still hiding the ring from me! His face lit up and he popped open the ring box and the rest is history.

Image 3 of Brittany and Michael

Right after Michael showed me the ring, Michael’s face is priceless!

Image 4 of Brittany and Michael

Image 5 of Brittany and Michael

It was honestly the best moment of my life. After we got done taking pictures, I told him I needed to Facetime my parents because I wanted them to see where we got engaged! He said we couldn’t do that right then and took the phone out of my hands. For a split second I thought how weird and uncharacteristic it was of him, but then my mind quickly remembered that we had just gotten ENGAGED! We left the gym and started walking towards where we were meeting his parents, and in the distance I saw them…but with a couple other people. It didn’t hit me until we got a little closer and I saw that one of the people looked to be about 6 foot 5…the exact same size as my brother! Weird coincidence. Also a weird coincidence that the other two people happened to be the exact size of my parents! The tears instantly started flowing and I couldn’t believe my family was there in Spokane! That was the best surprise and it felt so perfect that both our families could be there to celebratet this special time in all of our lives! Once we finally all managed to settle down, we went to our favorite restaurant downtown Spokane and celebrated with champagne. After dinner we went to our favorite college bar, Jack & Dans, to meet up with our friends and we felt like local Gonzaga celebrities! It was seriously the perfect night. Our families (besides for my brother who had a 6AM flight home!) got to hang out and enjoy the fall colors the next day, still in shock and so excited about this next chapter in our lives. :)

Image 6 of Brittany and Michael

Image 7 of Brittany and Michael

Special Thanks

Jessica Fairchild
 | Photographer