Brittany and Michael

Proposal Ideas In his home during a game of Munchkin

How We Met

When I was 15, I started taking ballroom classes. After my first year, the classes merged and there were 2 brothers who were around my age. They were super quiet but I was drawn to one of them. We ended up friending each other on Facebook and would message each other for hours. A friendship quickly grew. One year later, I convinced our dance teacher to pair is together. And the rest is history!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In his home during a game of Munchkin

how they asked

Michael and I love to play board games. My favorite is one called Munchkin. You can either help your friends or you can cause them to fail and possibly die. Michael had coordinated a game night with our closest friends. I was told that we were doing a “video podcast” and that it was Michael’s idea. The thing about Michael, he hates being on camera. I felt like something was up but I kept my mouth shut because I had been begging for him to propose for years and he would say things like “it’s not the time” and “it will happen when it happens”.

After he caused me to die in the game, he told me he was sorry and had a card that might help. But “from here on out, we are a team.” He asked if I wanted that card. I said sure. On it was written “Marry Me?” with the ring that he made taped to it. I couldn’t believe it. I kept repeating “are you serious? Are you kidding?”