Brittany and Micah

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How We Met

Micah and I had multiple exchanges before an official introduction. We went to competing high schools, so there were multiple times that we would be in the same location but had very little contact. As high school continued on, I became close with one of his friends and I got more involved with his school and events. Still with very little contact, I decided to go to the beach with his friends a year or so after we had briefly met, and we there is where we really hit it off! We lived one hour apart for the first 6 months, but we would still talk and go out whenever we could. We then went to separate colleges (one in Pennsylvania and the other in Kentucky), so we have always been long distance!

how they asked

We had planned for us to spend the last weekend of September together and decided that on Thursday, September 28th, to do one of our favorite things and take a day trip to a nearby state park! Micah wanted to plan the day so we went to a state park that featured a beach that was on Lake Erie. Our day consisted of playing games, hammocking, watching a movie and just enjoying some time together. We decided that we were going to go to a nice restaurant for dinner so we changed and then left to go to dinner. While we were driving to dinner, Micah realized he left his belt in the bathroom at the park so we raced back in hopes that we were not too late for our reservation!!

When we returned, he was able to find his belt and decided that we needed to take a walk down to the beach to get our traditional selfie. Once we walked down to the beach, he had a blanket set up over-looking the ocean with an appetizer from the restaurant, candles, flowers, a frame of some of our funny photos and a palate collage of our most romantic and personal moments.

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At this point, I realized what was happening followed by him proposing and me saying YES! We were able to sit down, enjoy our appetizer and watch the sun go down as a newly engaged couple!

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