Brittany and Matthew


How We Met

We meet in 2013 during Homecoming at Oklahoma State. Matt was a junior and I was a sophomore and our Greek houses were paired for the festivities.  We were in charge of making these elaborate house decorations, which included pomping, welding and many hours hanging out with the boys, which I didn’t mind at all! After meeting a particularly cute boy and insisting he have my phone number, our friendship began.  Some of our first dates included hours of working with glue and welding tools, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  A girl from a big Dallas suburb started to fall in love with a small town cowboy from Arkansas.  After Homecoming ended, the friendship didn’t.  When he asked me to be his girlfriend a week later, I replied with “FINALLY” and couldn’t be more excited! And that began the most challenging, and most rewarding relationship of my life.

how they asked

Being a senior in a sorority, every girl dreams of having a “candle light” where the sorority gathers in a circle and whoever blows out the candle is engaged! So after months of hinting to Matthew and being shot down, I didn’t think it was going to happen. So Sunday, there is an announcement that there was a candlelight the next day and it obviously wasn’t me.  I also told Matt many times that he “couldn’t surprise me” I continued with my Monday as normal. Matt’s Birthday was the next day so I thought the only possibility would be that Tuesday.  I received a call from my friend and zeta “little” who asked me for a ride to the botanical gardens, as she got a flat tire there the night before when she was on a date.  Not thinking too much into it, I said sure.  Once we arrived, she suggested we walk around because I had never been there before.  Again, not reading too much into it, said sure.  We were walking down this gorgeous flower lined path, which is rare to find in our little college town. We were chatting about our days when I see Matt in a suit in this beautiful cove surrounded by roses.  He took my hand, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I said “FINALLY!” In between tears and excitement, I never even let him put on the ring or noticed the photographer.  Then, my next question was “is it my candlelight?” and he had set everything up from the scheduling to the flower and candle bouquet. So a few hours later, I got to surprise 200 of my best friends during my candlelight! I felt so much love from my friends and family and couldn’t be more excited to marry the love of my life!


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Special Thanks

Kamille Dorr
Portrait and Lifestyle Photography