Brittany and Matthew

Proposal Ideas Winery in Helotes, TX

How They Asked

My fiance Matthew thought he had the whole day planned out. He was to take me to a pumpkin patch and propose there, with a few of our close friends there and taking pictures. However, things did not go as planned. The pumpkin patch we went to wasn’t really a pumpkin patch. It was pumpkins placed on slabs on the ground, with a bunch of kids running around with their parents chasing them. It wasn’t super romantic, and he knew that I didn’t really want to be proposed to in front of lots of people. When we got in his truck to drive to a winery, he was really upset about the pumpkin patch not working out. I thought, why does that matter? It’s just a pumpkin patch. It then occurred to me that he was going to propose. I got super excited, but nervous right then and there. I doubt he would propose later on. The winery was to be a quick stop before we met up with more friends for dinner and later a Jon Pardi concert.

When we got to the winery, we split a bottle of wine and went outside to take pictures. It was beautiful, with a great view and rustic look. My friend Gloribel kept taking pictures of us in different poses, and I thought, ugh why all the pictures? It’s just wine. Then my fiance looked and me and started to get down on his knee and I was so surprised that my heart was beating so fast, and I was shaking.

I knew he was nervous too because all he said was “Brittany, will you marry me?” I joke about it now that he never gave me a big proclamation of love. But that day was perfect. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Winery in Helotes, TX