Brittany and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I went to high school together but we didn’t actually meet until after we graduated high school. The summer of our freshman year of college I threw a party. My good friend was asking me who to invite and she mentioned his name and I always knew of him and thought he was really cute so I told her to invite him. When he got to the party we hit it off and ended up talking the whole night. By the end of the night he gave me his number and the rest was history.

how they asked

Matt and I went up to Napa to celebrate our 4 year anniversary, little did I know this trip would be way more than that. We had plans to go on a hot air balloon ride and a group wine tour. But half way into the hot air balloon ride Matt tells me that we’re not going on a group tour anymore and that he planned a special private tour and had planned out each winery that we were going to. At our first winery he had bought a bottle of wine (or so I thought). We brought the bottle of wine out to the vineyards and as we were walking through the vineyards, he told me to the look in the wine box. On the wine bottle it said “I do forever, will you marry me?” and he gets down on one knee and the water works start coming and of course I said yes. As I look over his shoulder there are two guys taking pictures of us and Matt ended up planning a whole engagement photo shoot right after. The rest of the day we visited other beautiful wineries and an amazing dinner to finish out the day.

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Special Thanks

Albert Chen
 | Photographer
Etched Wine
 | Engraved wine bottle