Brittany and Matthew

Brittany's Proposal in Arches National Park

How We Met

I had been living in San Diego for about 2 years before meeting Matt. I just turned 28 and accepted that I was probably going to be spending the rest of my life by myself. I had decided the February before meeting, that I was going to move to Ft. Collins, CO because I just wasn’t “happy” in San Diego. In May, I decided to do a 10-day solo road trip through California and Oregon, visiting all the National Parks, as the previous year visiting all the National Parks in the U.S. became my lifelong goal. Two weeks before I was supposed to move, something kept telling me to stay in San Diego a little longer, there was a gut feeling that something was going to show itself and would be rewarding. So, I declined a job I had been given and roommate I was going to have in CO and decided to stay. My friend Rickey had become my first friend I made out in San Diego, and that gut feeling I couldn’t shake was directly related to him. On June 30th, the day I was supposed to have packed up and moved, Rickey’s best friend came out to San Diego to visit from Washington D.C. I remember him telling me all about his best friend from 7th grade but never really thought much of it. That night, I met up with Rickey and his friend at a popular bar in San Diego. I remember walking in and when I came around the corner and saw his friend, his smile caught me off guard and I immediately knew there was something there. That night, Matt taught me to salsa and I had never in a single moment felt so comfortable with someone. Matt left a few days later and I finally had the courage to tell Rickey, “Hey so I like Matt”. He immediately texted Matt who texted me and 4 days later, I booked a flight to visit him in Washington D.C. in 6 weeks. Matt and I constantly FaceTimed and our first date was over FaceTime, with pizza. 3 weeks of constantly FaceTiming, I knew he was the one. When I flew out to D.C., we got caught in a downpour in front of the White House at night, and at” that moment, we both knew we had finally found each other. That weekend, we told each other we loved each other. We did 9 months of long-distance, and Matt moved to San Diego.

How They Asked

Matt loves the idea that I want to see the U.S and to explore the parks and he has always gladly joined. I work for the local school district and we planned to road trip through Utah over my spring break. Which meant checking off 5 new parks. We were camping in Arches National Park as the first leg of our trip. That morning we hiked a 7-mile trail that included rock climbing and scrambling over large boulders. We came back to our campsite and decided to head out that night to the Delicate Arch, one of the most popular photographed landmarks and Arches most popular sight. We decided we’d hike it to catch the sunset. After the steep hike up, we made our way to the arch to see 100s of people in the area, and many lined up to take their photos under the iconic arch. When it was our turn, I asked a random hiker if she’d be kind enough to take our photo and she agreed. She situated us under the arch and Matt turned to kiss me. He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Arches National Park

All of the people there then began clapping and hollering for us. As we made our way to catch a seat for the sunset, we received so many congratulations and people who had taken photos of us and caught our special moment. Which we were both so grateful for because, in a National Park, cell service is sparse, so Matt didn’t hire a photographer because he felt he’d give it away if he was constantly checking his phone.