Brittany and Mathew

How We Met

Mathew & I first met through a mutual friend of ours, my freshman year & his sophomore year of high school in 2009. We began hanging out at hockey games to support our friends who played and chatted in the stands to get to know one another. The first date Mathew took me on was to Friendly’s for ice cream, because who could go wrong with an ice cream date?!

Brittany's Proposal in New Hampshire

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New Hampshire

how they asked

To try and make a long story as short as possible- Mathew’s family would reserve a condo in Lincoln, New Hampshire for a week out of the year. We would attend every single year up until 2014 when Matt’s grandfather, Raymond, had passed away. His family truly went on these mini-vacation getaways just because Raymond loved spending time with the family and see how beautiful New Hampshire was. All the tall distant mountains, unforgettable pink & blue skies, & such perfect weather.

In 2016, Mathew had asked me if I’d like to go back to Lincoln, NH just the two of us to spend some time together and get away like we used to. So we planned our own little trip on October 22! – On the way to the condo, we would stay at, we would take the Kancamagus highway (which is very long, uphill, and windy the whole way!) Well, on October 22nd, it was down pouring rain! But that didn’t stop us from our getaway together. As we approached the very top of the Kancamangus highway, Matt pulled into the pit stop area and told me he wanted to show me something. I said, “It’s pouring out and I didn’t bring my raincoat! I’m going to get soaked” he said he packed my raincoat for me and its in the trunk and that he’d get it.

He opened the trunk, got my coat and walked over to the passenger side. Opened my door and kneeled down on the wet tar, handed me my raincoat and underneath was a bouquet of a dozen rose’s, along with a box that held a beautiful engagement ring. “Brittany, would you marry me?” (let me remind you, it was absolutely down pouring) I hopped right out of the vehicle, into his arms, as I was in full-blown tears, shaking my head up and down, and gave him a kiss. I had no idea that was his plan, and I’m extremely pleased he still went through with it even though it was pouring out.

We then continued our amazing week in Lincoln, NH as we always did and reminisced over all the wonderful memories we had with his grandfather.

Special Thanks

Rebecca Elaine
 | Photographer