Brittany and Mark


How We Met

Mark and I had met on an online app called, Bumble. We never thought the app would have led us to meeting each other. The stigma, most dating apps have had, had us believing, by joining, it would be for the purpose of hoping to meet people, rather than having a serious relationship. On November 27th, I swiped right and was notified that Mark and I matched. I didn’t waste anytime to start a conversation. Mark immediately responded with his “compatibility test,” to see if I would pass.

The three questions he sent over, were:
1. Do you like pizza?
2. In and Out or Five Guys?
3. Is family important to you?

I responded with my answers, YES to pizza, In and Out and YES, family is very important. Mark replied with a funny response of, “Congratulations, you and Mark are compatible.” I loved his playfulness and authenticity. It immediately made me want to keep the conversation going and learn more about him. As one conversation led to another, and texts turned into 4 am phone conversations about our love for Disney, Christmas, family, sports and faith. We quickly realized the bond we share is rare and special and have since become inseparable.

how they asked

Flash forward 8 months later, what I thought was a date night with Mark and our good friends, actually ended up being the most magical proposal. Mark had spent months trying to prepare and create a Christmas Winter Wonderland, in the month of August. He knew that Christmas time would be too obvious to propose, knowing it was when we had first started dating and our first kiss had been under the “mistletoe.” But he felt that the holiday, was too special for us as a couple, to not incorporate in the proposal.

Mark met with some our friends and family and began to coordinate “Christmas in August.” He had put out a beautiful tree, decorated with ornaments, spelling out the words, “Merry Me” and pictures of us. His mom had made two very special home made ornaments for the tree, including our engagement date.




Behind the tree were Christmas lights spelling out “Merry Me,” and various festive decor dispersed throughout the patio of the restaurant. It was PERFECT! He even included a nice Disney touch, with a holiday Mickey and Minnie.



I was completely shocked and couldn’t stop crying throughout the whole moment. As I started to gather myself from the surreal moment, I had turned around to see that my best friend who lives in another state was on FaceTime, watching the whole proposal in action. Mark had a photographer present to capture every detail. It was simply amazing!



On top of the beautiful set-up and proposal, he had one more trick up his sleeve. Mark had planned to have all of our close friends and family that could be present, show up. It was a special evening we will NEVER forget! I’m so happy I get to call this selfless man my future husband!


Special Thanks

Derek Chad Photography